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19+ Trendy Lace Blouse and Wrapper Styles in 2023

Nigerian cultural attire never goes out of trend. Check out the trendy lace blouse and wrapper styles in this article.

Trendy Lace Blouse and Wrapper Styles

Far from being obsolete, wrapper styles have become very trendy for the young. Young brides, as well as other young ladies who need to attend a traditional occasion, have adopted this attire.

Some people even wear it to church or religious activities like child dedication, marriage blessings, or any other meetings. You don’t want to be caught in an official dress on a traditional occasion. 

This Nigerian cultural attire is clothing that shows wealth and rich culture. Little wonder why high-placed women are always seen wearing them.

You like the madam look, right? Whether you are looking for hot styles for your traditional wedding or a gorgeous blouse for an occasion, then we’ve got you covered.

If you would also like to top up your wardrobe with classic clothes, then lace is where you want to be. Lace Aseobi is also topping the dress list for weddings. 

Also, remember to choose fine neck patterns. It may be a v-neck, sweetheart neck, round neck, or another exotic or simple neckline style that can fit your dress.

In this article, we are going to show you the trendy lace and wrapper styles that can fit properly into any event. 

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Trendy Lace Blouse and Wrapper Styles

While looking for the best styles for yourself or your babes, don’t forget to consider your body size, budget, and other dress purchase factors.

Also, note that sewing Aseobi is a high-budget game. If you are low on funds, you may want to consider the Nigerian Ankara or another type of dress material.

Remember to choose only suitable styles for your occasion, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in the clothes.

Quickly, let’s show you the trendy lace blouse and wrapper styles.

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Bubble sleeves hand style

This is a beautiful style for slim people. You may want to make the sleeves with only the lace material that is leaving it transparent, or you could use an opaque material.

The best bubble sleeves for your wrapper are the short ones from your shoulder to your elbow. This style will give you a thick look. 


Simple sleeves blouse style with wrapper

Although simple, it can never get outdated. With the right neckline, you can get a wonderful combination. You can add a ruffle or a rose for highlights.

You can always top the party with a simple dress sense. You can make it long sleeves or leave it short to reveal your arms.

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Off-shoulder lace blouse with wrapper

Off-shoulder lace blouse with wrapper is one of the trendy lace blose and wrapper styles you should style this year.

This unique style leaves you showing off your cleavage. You can be the talk of the party with this blouse style. It is trendy among the young as well as the old.

Pick a fine-hand style for your blouse that will fit the off-shoulders perfectly. You may want to consider a long sleeve.


Long sleeves blouse styles for wrapper

This is another trendy lace blouse and wrapper styles. You may think it is too simple. But when you get an experienced Nigerian tailor who can give fitting and place design patterns in the right place, you will be good to go.

Try enhancing the edges of your sleeves by putting a good design there. The neckline pattern is also very important, a nice style there will help you steal the occasion.

Go ahead and rock this style.


Cone sleeve blouse styles with wrapper

Tying two wrappers is a way of showing elegance, wealth, class, and the cultural heritage of Nigeria. If you top up your dress game in this cone sleeves blouse, then you can match up any occasion.

This blouse will leave you looking nothing less than stunning. Step up with this piece to any party and watch your admirers.


Different styles for each sleeve

This particular trendy lace blouse and wrapper styles is very stylish although you can choose to birth a new sleeve mixture.

Long sleeve and any other sleeve 

Trendy Lace Blouse and Wrapper Styles in 2023 long sleeve and any other sleeve

You can have the long sleeve on the one hand and the petal sleeves on another hand. This is a very elegant style, especially if you are the bride.

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Fringes with any other sleeve

Trendy Lace Blouse and Wrapper Styles in 2023 fringes with any other sleeve

You can also have fringes on the one hand and ruffled sleeves or any other sleeve style on the other hand. Whichever you decide to choose, fringes always work right when it falls gracefully on a woman’s skin


Ruffled sleeves with any other sleeve

If you want to be noticed at the entrance of a party and admired even days after the occasion is over, then go for this elegant style.

Ruffled sleeves always leave a statement because it stands out in their looks. Try this and thank me later.

Fringe lace sleeves blouse styles with wrapper

Fringes are always top-notch when it comes to trendy lace blouse and wrapper styles. Add up a matching gele style, and you’ll look superb.

Try sewing an off-shoulder blouse with a cup-size hand and using fringes to beautify the sleeves. What you’ll get will be such an amazing dress.

This elegant style can be sewn in so many ways. However, whichever you choose to rock will help you rock your party more.

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Ruffle lace sleeves blouse with wrapper 

Here is another trendy and amazing lace blouse style that will fit your wrapper so well. You’ve probably seen it on young brides and admired it.

You too can wear it and look so beautiful. Add this style to your wardrobe, and let your heart thank you when you step into that party.

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Petal lace sleeves blouse with the wrapper.

Petal lace blouses are fine styles. You can wear it for any occasion, and it suits all ages. This style will give you a fashion edge.

You don’t want to miss the eloquence and class that come with this trending style. Make sure you sew this!


As a general statement, dress styles never get old, especially if they fit you well. All you need to do is find that additional class touch that will help you top up your game.

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