HomeTechTruecaller releases an AI tool to identify scam callers

Truecaller releases an AI tool to identify scam callers

In order to safeguard consumers from fraud calls, Truecaller has introduced a new Artificial Intelligence solution that will warn users of con artists.

The company stated that the Search Context anti-fraud tool was a component of their AI Identity engine.

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Explaining how the feature works, the firm, in a statement, said, “While looking at the search results for any number, Truecaller users will be instantly notified if the name for the number has been recently changed or is being changed frequently.

“The app also classifies this contextual message into three colour categories: blue, for a neutral change, yellow, which indicates a potentially suspicious name change and finally red, indicating multiple and frequent name changes, which are highly indicative of fraudulent and scammer activity. This message will be shown to all Truecaller users on all search results across Android, iPhone and Truecaller web.”

The company claims that it presently has 356 million members worldwide and that it will continue to address the urgent problems associated with the expansion of international scams and frauds of all kinds.

Truecaller releases AI tool to identify scam callers

Truecaller unveils AI tool to identfy scam callers

The business also disclosed the unveiling of a brand-new app icon and a corporate rebranding.

According to the statement, the timing of the new identity matched the profound change that was happening in the digital sphere.

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi, said, “We are excited to unveil our new brand identity and logo.