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Turkey Currency to Nigeria Naira

In this article, we will be giving you information on the Turkey currency to Naira. The current exchange rate for Turkey’s Lira to naira, which includes the black market rate and the official rate. You change your Lira to naira at this rate or change your Lira to naira at the parallel market or the new black market rate.

Turkey Currency to Naira

A situation might have come up that will need you to change your Naira to the Turkey Lira. You might also be thinking about travelling abroad or doing some transactions online with the turkey currency, but you have no idea what the current exchange rate is.

The exchange rate between the Turkey currency and to naira is important to know. Especially when if you are a student over there or you want to go down there on business. If you are travelling abroad or have a business to do online, you need to know about the exchange rate.

The Turkish lira is the legal tender in Turkey. It is a currency that has gone through a lot of reduction stages throughout its history. What makes this fact is that it was listed as the least-valued currency in the world on two occasions by the Guinness Book of Records. This was between 1995 and 1996 and from 1999 to 2004.

So, let’s see the actual central-market exchange rate and Aboki FX rate today. We pit the Lira and the Naira Bank rate vs the naira bank rate together.

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About the Turkey Currency

The Turkish lira was created, for the first time in 1844, as the official currency of Turkey. It took over from the kurus which was previously used at the time and became a part of the lira. The Lira was created on two systems from 1844 to 1881.

It was worth 6.61519 grams of pure gold or 99.8292 grams of clean silver, but from 1881 to 1914, they took in the gold criterion. In the course of the First World War, Turkey did away with the gold criterion, and the lira started losing value until 1920.

After different times of addiction to the pound sterling and the French franc, in 1946, the lira was set to the US dollar at an exchange rate of TRL 2.80 = USD 1. They preserved equality until 1960 when the currency’s devaluation reached 9 liras to a dollar. After 1970 the lira continued to spiral downwards in its value on a lengthy sequence of exchange rates.

In the aftermath of Turkey’s severe inflation from the 1970s to the 1990s, the lira endured a chronic reduction. Turkey as a country had high inflation rates in comparison to other developing countries, but all be it. They had never gone through hyperinflation yet.

In the past few years, the Turkish lira was able to be steadied and even gained a little bit of value to the dollar or the euro. The Guinness Book of Records categorized the Turkish lira as the third least-valued currency in the world between 1995 to 1996 and again from 1999 to 2004.

In 2005, when it went through another reduction, they introduced the new Turkey lira, which went around everywhere until 1 January 2009, when it was given a new name again as the “Turkish lira”.

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Current Turkish lira Coins and Banknotes

Currently, there are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lira banknotes and 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kurus coins (100 kurus make up one lira) and 1 lira coin.

Turkey Currency to Naira Bank rate

  • GTbank Turkish Lira to Naira exchange rate today: TRY 1 = ₦65
  • Stanbic IBTC Turkish Lira to Naira exchange rate today: TRY1 = ₦69
  • Zenith Bank Turkish Lira to Naira exchange rate today: TRY1 = ₦63
  • Access Bank Turkish Lira to Naira exchange rate today: TRY 1 = ₦52

Turkish Lira to Naira Foreign Exchange Market

The Turkish Lira to Naira exchange rate is ₦24.2659

Conversion Rate of the Turkey Currency to Niara

Lira to Nigerian-Naira
1 TRY24.3096 NGN
2 TRY48.6191 NGN
5 TRY121.5478 NGN
10 TRY243.0956 NGN
15 TRY364.6434 NGN
20 TRY486.1913 NGN
25 TRY607.7391 NGN
50 TRY1215.4781 NGN
100 TRY2430.9563 NGN
500 TRY12154.7815 NGN
1000 TRY24309.563 NGN
2500 TRY60773.9074 NGN
5000 TRY121547.8148 NGN
10000 TRY243095.6296 NGN

The benefits of currency conversion

Sometimes you discover that the first thing that comes to your mind is how much you earn and why you want to convert your currency. If you are travelling from one country to another, you will see the significance of doing the conversion.

And if you are a trader or non-trader and want to purchase something from a country that is not your country.

Converting your money is something that you have to turn to. But it only takes a little while to realize that you are doing it for the diversity and variety of what you want and need. People have continued and will continue moving from one country to another.

And people have also gone to work in a country other than their home nation. They have different reasons for that, which gives different reasons for their currency conversion.  

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How to convert currencies

Currency conversion has a number of ways. You can use search engines and platforms that give you the information you need. And the price of buying and selling, you will also get different codes for their work from the sign of another currency.

This information can also be given to you from the banks, and you will be the one to take the final decision on what to do with the information or platform you have. You will also get a variety and different prices for buying and selling from one bank to another. It can be accessed completely on a number of devices and computers.

As we all know, the naira is currently not doing well against many currencies in the world. You must have an idea of the exchange rate between the Turkey currency and the naira so as not to fall short when needed.

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FAQs for Turkey to Nigerian Naira

How much is $100 Turkey in Naira?

100 Turkish Lira is 2431.259 Nigerian Naira.

How much is 5000$ in Turkey in Nigeria currency?

For five thousand liras you get today 121,831 naira 14 kobos.

How much is 1000 Turkish to Nigeria currency?

1000 Turkish Lira = 24338.37 Nigerian Naira

How much is 1 Turkish dollar in naira?

1 TRY = 24.328751 NGN 

Is Turkey a rich country?

Turkey is one of the Emerging 7 countries. The World Bank classifies Turkey as an upper-middle-income country in terms of the country’s per capita GDP.