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Unbelievable! — Nigerian man goes to withdraw N5k from bank, gets paid in N2 coins

A Nigerian man who got paid by his bank with coins has taken to social media to lament about the situation.

The video he made about it showed his spreading the coins on the floor as he voiced out his frustration.

He has also made two additional clips on his TikTok page showing how the coins were rejected by traders.

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Netizens react: Coins are the best

It is no doubt that we have not seen coins around for a very long time. However, according to the CBN’s website, they are still legally usable in the country. In fact, lawmakers enjoined the apex bank to popularise the use of coins again.

Though one may expect Nigerians to be enraged about this new development, some netizens who reacted to the have said that the use of the coins would better the nation’s economy.

Here are some reactions from TikTokers:

caesarwaobikeze: “”Best move, cancel 500 and 1000 naira notes totally. Let our highest denomination be 200naira.

Babade Oluwasekemi Precious: “This will really help us I think cos things will come down by price.

Fitkid Annangboy Sin: “If there is still coins in this country things will be cheaper.

chinonso: “Na to withdraw 10k for coins and attend my ex wedding.”

TFM: “Watch as we go spray those coins na to wear helmets.”

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Bank gives bundles of 5 naira notes to Nigerian man

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man received a bundle of five Naira notes when he went to withdraw from a commercial bank. 

In a video shared on TikTok by @storymustchange55, the young man was seen holding 8 bundles of five Naira notes, though the exact money he withdrew wasn’t disclosed.

He mentioned that the United bank of Africa (UBA) gave him the notes.