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University student dies a day before graduation, father collects award

A viral video depicting a father receiving a university certificate on behalf of his deceased son has stirred strong emotions among social media users.

The young graduate, Elethu Pangwa, had successfully earned a biotechnology diploma from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Sadly, his untimely demise occurred a mere day before the graduation ceremony.

The video of his father rising up to the occasion was shared on TikTok by @khithawabathembu

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The futility of life

It is naturally expected for children to bury their parents and not vice versa. Thus, the gap that a dead child leaves in a parent’s heart is very hard to fill. Sadly, some parents who are poor at managing their emotions go into depression or even paranoia and become overprotective of the remaining children.

As Elethu’s father walked down to the stage to receive the late son’s award, the crowd of staff and students gave him a standing ovation. Rounds of applause filled the air. It was indeed a sight to behold and a very emotional moment.


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Man who couldn’t speak becomes youngest black Cambridge professor

Meanwhile, an African-American man who could not speak until he was age 11 set a new record at Cambridge University for being the youngest black professor.

The seasoned Sociology professor, Jason Arday, narrated his ups and down while growing up as an autistic child and the important role his mother played in the journey to his success.

Arday said he was diagnosed with global development delay and autism spectrum disorder at three years old when he couldn’t speak as every normal child but could only communicate with sign language.