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Wahala Pro Max: Man questions girlfriend for buying herself a new iPhone

A man was captured in a video, querying his girlfriend for buying herself a brand-new iPhone XS Max.

His anger did not only stem from her purchase of a new iPhone as she also got herself gold earrings.

In the video where the man is angrily confronting his girlfriend, he asked her to explain where she got the money from.

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Let’s stop this domestic violence

His concern was that his suspicion of her stealing from him or getting the money from another man may be right.

Even though friends were pleading for him to stop, he went ahead and assaulted her. The lady also tried defending herself, claiming it was contribution money.

This video really upset social media users and some of them expressed their displeasure in the comment section:

badboisince1972: “U never marry her u Dey question her! Shey she no fit buy hersef phone nii??”

50milli_: “If Na me, we go sell am go buy foodstuffs straight. That’s called stomach investment bro! No violence, no hard feeling. This time Nigeria hard. Phone no be next thing girl?

Harjibankz: “But guys let stop this domestic violence ??”

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Man surprises girlfriend with iPhone 14, wads of dollars

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man, @biglyta12, has raised the standards of gifting after he surprised his girlfriend with loads of gifts on her birthday.

A video posted on TikTok by the lover girl, @Irreplaceableesty, captured the elaborate display of love her man showered her on her birthday.

The young man went above and beyond to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday as he gifted her a new iPhone 14, wigs, wads of dollar cash, and so many other things.