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What is the meaning of I’m not in the mood in marriage?- Nigerian man fires married women

Nigerian man urges women to stop giving excuses when their husbands request lovemaking

A Nigerian man has made it clear to every woman that if they want their men to stop sleeping with their housemaids, then they have to work for it.

The man identified as Aderoju Dave Adewuyi made this statement while replying to a statement made by a young man, Tj Seed Nmeribe.

In a Facebook post, Tj Seed Nmeride urged men to respect their wives and stop sleeping with their housemaids.

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“Stop sleeping with your house girls. Each day you climb that girl, you reduce your wife’s worth, value and respect,” he said.

If Ashewo can tackle ten men in a day you have no excuse

However, Aderoju countered what Nmeride said; he stressed that if a woman wants to be respected, she has to earn it.

According to him, if a housewife value’s herself, then she’s going to be valued, but if she does otherwise, then she will be treated otherwise.

He stated that a woman should not be excused for claiming she’s not in the mood when her husband requests lovemaking.

Aderoju added that if call girls can have intercourse with several men, then housewives do not have any excuse.

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Nigerian woman advises wives to stay with cheating husbands

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman chastised married women who filed for divorce because their husbands cheated on them.

In a viral video online, the woman advised women to be more forgiving towards their husbands when they apologize for cheating on them.

She spoke in the indigenous language, Yoruba, and emphasized that cheating is not enough to end a marriage.

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