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What is the Meaning of Zazu?

When you hear the word “Zazu”, nothing probably comes to mind. Maybe you’re one of those people who shout it at the top of their voices (we don’t blame you; it’s catchy) but have no idea what the actual word means. If it interests you, read this article to know the meaning of Zazu.

Before we proceed, let’s cover a few basics.

What is the Meaning of Zazu?

Before it became this popular slang among Nigerian youths, Zazu was the title of a song.

The hit single came out on the 14th of December, 2021. Performed by celebrity artiste Olamide, internet dance sensation PocoLee, and upcoming rapper Portable. The song quickly grew to become a nationwide anthem within the first two months of its release and is touted as one of the most influential tracks in 2021.

Such popularity has also brought with it a lot of curiosity, as many people have tried to discover the actual meaning of the phrase Zazu.

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Zazu Name, Origin

What is the Meaning of Zazu?
Portable, a talented Nigerian artiste

Portable, who inspired the song Zazu, is currently one of the most controversial public figures in Nigeria. Some say that before releasing Zazu, he was just a street boy with barely two cents to his name.

Now, he’s a national sensation, has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and has traveled out of Nigeria to other countries to perform in concerts and shows at least twice. For the next segment, we’ll delve a little deeper into the profile of this rapper and learn some really personal information about the “Zazu Zeh” crooner.

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Who is Portable?

Portable Omolami, as he is popularly known, was born on the 12th of March, 1994. His birth name is Habeeb Okikiola and he hails from Ogun State in the western part of Nigeria.

Contrary to popular belief, he has been into music for nearly ten years before receiving his breakthrough from one of the biggest names in the Nigerian music industry, Olamide (Baddo).

Not only does Portable sing, but he also dances. The streets hail him as the almighty son of Shaku Shaku, the Wahala Musician. Their very own Dr. Zeh.

While living in Ogun State, Portable grew up with parents, and siblings, went to school, and attained his O’Level certificate but did not further his education to the varsity level because he wanted to focus on his music career.

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Grass to Grace

Portable’s chance to seize the spotlight came in the form of Olamide, owner of YBNL, a music label founded in 2012. Portable Omolami was introduced to the YBNL boss by media sensation Poco Lee.

While we might never learn the exact details of that first interaction between a boy from the streets and his idol, we do know that shortly after that meeting, Portable released his debut single Zazu. On that single, he featured Poco Lee and Olamide.

That moment was the turning point for our dear rapper. After the release of his single, everything changed for Dr. Zeh. He became the new wave in the Nigerian music industry. He was introduced to celebrities he had only ever dreamed of meeting.

What is the Meaning of Zazu?
Portable meets Nigerian icon Tiwa

Currently, he has an estimated net worth of about $210,000 to $300,000. Quite a reach for someone who grew up with near-nothing, wouldn’t you say?

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What is the Significance of Zazu?

Zazu, though generally used, is more common among a particular demographic in Nigeria, and those are the youth.

But what does the word mean?

So, generally, some claim Zazu Zeh has many meanings, but it is mainly used to boost morale or inspire motivation. Zazu is more than just a name or slang, more than just a song, and more than just an anthem.

It’s a development. A progression.

Zazu Meaning in Nigeria

However, we have conducted more intensive research, and we have discovered the actual meaning of Zazu.

Two major things you must know:

  • Zazu is not a word of native origin. It cannot be traced to the Yorubas, Igbos, or Hausas. It is also not from any of the other dialects native to Nigeria, and Africa at large.
  • The word Zazu dates back to the time of the Hebrews.

Not what you expected, is it?

Zazu is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin. This name means “movement”.

The word is used mostly in Hebrew-speaking countries, but also in other countries of the world.

The word only broke into the average Nigerian’s vocabulary after Portable released his new single with Poco Lee and Olamide.

Praise for the Song “Zazu Zeh”

In case you have not yet heard the song, click here to watch the music video:

Shortly after the song’s release, a host of fans dropped accolades for the song on social media. Here are some of the comments by adoring fans:

“This is the Kodak Black of Africa….lol….nothing but the trenches!
Love to see it though, everyone deserves a chance at success no matter your background ? ??? “

“This song is for the streets.?. Mad respect to whoever cooked the beats! By the way… Olamide’s Presidential address is badder than that of the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. ? ?”

“I love this song soooo much ? I discovered it a few days ago and I’ve been playing it on REPEAT!!! Much love from South Africa. ❤️”

“This song is so catchy that I had to share it with my family and friends in Colombia ?? Greetings from USA”

“I haven’t been to Nigeria for a while, but I am really sure the country has produced so much talent than anywhere in the world, it’s truly said that where there is hardship, raw talent is found.”

Zazu Lyrics

Aradugbo (Zehh)
Tun tun ti de oh (Zehh)
ZaZoo (Zehh)
Opoleti (Zehh)
Oyękętimagbo (Zehh)
Portable (Zehh)
Gbemi trabaye (Zehh)

(Poco Poco Poco Poco)

Fękękotęri ę

Badoo Sneh (Zehh)
Pepper Sneh (Zehh)
Many Many Werey wa n le (Zehh)
Huh, Rępętę (Zehh)
Unholy (Zehh)
Badoo lee (Zehh)
P.priime gbemi de bę (Zehh)
Ah, babę ję (Zehh)
Asarailu yii pap (Zehh)
Mofos cannot keep up (Zehh)
Bitch I be going non stop (Zehh)
Huh, ZaZoo (Zehh)
Shii, Aka (Zehh)
Ika (Zehh)
Tesojuę (Zehh)
Tesojuę bi talaga (Zehh)
Eh, Gaza (Zehh)
Ęję loju bi tabacha (Zehh)
Runju pa (Zehh)
Leju pa (Zehh)
Maręrin (Zehh)
Kalaa (Zehh)
Daju (Zehh)
Wuwa ika (Zehh)

ZaZoo (Zehh) bizza bizza
Pokotua (Zehh)
On my way to ilu awon ozu (Zehh)
Nibi tan ti ma n bo kardi oh (Zehh)
Okan ma pade kølu (Zehh)
Yo kan ma bo kardi oh (Zehh)
Ozu to n gbøran oh (Zehh)
Na ma n pe ni kølu oh (Zehh)

ZaZoo (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh)
I do music for living (Zehh)
Orin ni mo fi n gawu (Zehh)
Yahoo boy no laptop (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh)
Oun gbowo yø (Zehh)
ZaZoo bizzaa bizzaa oh (Zehh)
Paka Paka Pocolee (Zehh)
Pocole gbemi trabaye (Zehh)
Jęka jø Zehh oh (Zehh)
Pocolee Opa dancer oh (Zehh) (Fękękotęri ę)
Set awon werey oni jo (Zehh) (su gben gben)
ZaZoo (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh) (su gben gben, ni shey lo n jawon laya)
Chain ti mo wø is a garjim (Zehh) (Fękękotęri ę)
Ago ti mo wo is a garjim (Zehh) (ZaZoo)
ZaZoo (Zehh)

OPF O poor faa (Zehh)
Oma n wø lø school (Zehh)
Su gbengben, bata Yahoo (Zehh)

Fękękotęri ę

Mo tun wę waa
To ba n shey køkøkø (ZaZoo)
Jęka lø basørø (Zehh) (Kølu)
Bizzaa bizzaa oh (Kølu) (Zehh)
ZaZoo (Osu) (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh)
Pokotua mę mę mę (Zehh)
ZaZoo (Zehh)
Omo oro mi to ba ti Zehh oh (Zehh)
Ma lo Zehh Zehh ku Zehh oh (Zehh)
Jęka jø Zehh oh (Zehh)
Shaolin Temple (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh)
Ye ma shebi Zulezu (Zehh)
Shea wo eko blaka maru (Zehh)
Lai mo pe won mu ę møyan (Zehh)
Sho ma n gbø Kogbagidi (Zehh)
International Promoter oh (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh)
Pokotua mę mę mę oh (Zehh)
ZaZoo (Zehh)
Pokotua (Zehh) (Shaolin temple)
Emi ni werey olorin (Zehh) (Esu o le køle ti jesu)
Idamu adugbo ni (Zehh) (OPF o po faa)
Wahala mi is different (Zehh) (Fękękotęri ę)
O de padaa oh (Zehh) (Su gben gben)
Ni shey lo n ja won laya (Zehh)
Bata ti mo wo is a garjim (Zehh) (Su gben gben)
Pokotua (Zehh)
Hustle Hustle (Zehh)
Hustle Hustle (Zehh)
Ma jękan so fun ę wipe ko Hustle (Zehh)
Iku to paa Jesu oh (Zehh)
Case yen won o ri settle oh (Zehh)
Enle enle yahoo (Zehh)
Eni tan ba n wo ko kin woran (Zehh)
ZaZoo (Zehh)
Mo kan lø n gbø Who dey Who dey (Zehh)
Sho man gbø Abdul (Zehh) (Ojo sneh)
Omode olowo (Zehh) (Fękękotęri ę)
Won lon mo yen ti sogun owo (Zehh)
Won lo ti sęso (Zehh) (Bizza bizza)
Boya kę lø sogun isę (Zehh) (Saolin)
ZaZoo (Zehh) (Pokotua)
ZaZoo (Zehh)
Nilu awon ozu (Zehh)
Mo ma gbe ø de bę oh (Zehh)

Omo alaromi agorin oh (Zehh)
Dem call me (Zehh)
Portable baby oh (Zehh)
Son of shaku shaku oh (Zehh)
Esu o le køle ti Jesu oh (Zehh)

To Wrap Things Up

Now you know the meaning of Zazu, and what it signifies. Feel free to use the trendy slang however you like. And be sure to say ‘Zeh!’ in response anytime you hear Zazu.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.

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