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When Portable becomes suitable: Dr Zeh rocks suits and brags as he shows off rings and wristwatch

In a recent video that surfaced online, Nigerian singer Portable caught the attention of social media users with his unique style.

The controversial artist was dressed in a blue three-piece suit and showed off his slangs in his usual manner. With excitement, Portable drew attention to his lavish lifestyle and proudly claimed that he has become a big man.

He then displayed his watch and silver rings on his fingers, asking his viewers if they could see that he was balling.

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Suit cover so many things

The video has sparked hilarious reactions on social media, with many users sharing memes and funny comments about Portable’s extravagant display. Here are some comments:

sheddyoflagos: “Forget this guy will look super if better hand touch him fashion lines.”

damian_vibez: “Portable on suit= suitable.”

thebennyboom: “This guy is the weapon fashioned against Nigeria ”

jennyadams101: “Hublot! Hublot! person dey try tell am the name of the wristwatchwerey no even dey listen or mind the person talkingwhy is he looking like Awilo tho‍♀️”

meetemmanueljacob: “A leopard never changes its spots, but this suit come make portable look “suitable” sha ”

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Portable and Comedian Akpororo meet at airport, singer is full of excitement

Meanwhile, Dr Zeh and talented stand-up comedian Akpororo recently engaged each other in an energetic exchange in an airport.

In the video online, the singer’s hyper state is evident, and Akpororo tried to match his energy as they waited to board the plane.

Throughout their interaction, Portable persistently sought Akpororo’s attention until he finally boarded the plane before him.