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Lamora Williams: Meet the Atlanta Mom who burnt her two boys in an Oven

The world is not always a jolly place for many people. We hear terrifying stories which scare us.  Although many believe that a mother’s love is often considered unbreakable, in this terrifying case of Lamora Williams, that bond has turned into a horrifying tragedy. 

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Lamora Williams
Lamora Williams

Brace yourself because the story of Lamora Williams is not for the faint-hearted- it’s depressing and terrifying that a mother could do such horrific things to her own children.

The mind is a very tricky place and often shameless, but many people don’t talk about how people’s mental health is failing and could be hiding it. This is the case of Lamora Williams and many of our loved ones.

Lamora Williams is the infamous mother who killed her two children by pushing them into an oven. It all started when Lamora and her partner, Jameel Penn, were involved in a chaotic relationship, eventually resulting in two children’s birth. Although the couple when separated in 2017, Penn continued to provide financial and emotional support for the children.

Although it is unsaid whether the relationship was a moving force to the murder, but Lakota suffered from an ailing mental health problem. Read more below as we provide more insight into Lamora Williams’ story.

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Lamora Williams story

It all started in October 2017 when Lamora Williams, a 24-year-old Atlanta resident, called Jameel Penn, her partner, via a video call to inform him that his two sons, Ke’Yaunte Penn and Ja’Karter Williams, were dead. 

It was Friday the 13th, and Jameel had described the moment as a real horror movie. he had seen the atrocity of his children in the oven, as shown by Lamora. 

Jameel and his son
Jameel and his son

When she called, emergency services came up and saw the children’s heads inside an oven. It was confirmed that Williams had allegedly placed the children inside the oven and turned it on high heat. 

Although the official medical examiner couldn’t rule out that the boys had been killed before being placed in the oven, however, the autopsy report stated that the boys were in the oven for a long period of time.

Many may ask for the reason she had done this; it wasn’t said or confirmed, but her mother, Brenda, had thought she had a mental illness right from birth. She had lost her father when she was 14 years old. Her father’s death may have triggered something in her. 

Williams’ mother, Brenda Williams, had mentioned, “She was a slow learner. I had to pull her out of school and do homeschool. She would do little simple things like cut her, my other daughter, and her doll heads off. You know, we see stuff like this in horror movies.”

This alone is proof that Lamora was not mentally- stable. It was said that she had various problems with her mental health. Every year after her father died, it seemed like she got worse. 

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Lamora Williams’ Murders

The children of Lamora Williams
The children of Lamora Williams

Lamora Williams had never killed anyone until the year 2017, even though she had been in trouble with the law.

Before the death day, Lamora had called her best friend Neesa Smith, crying that she couldn’t cope anymore and told her about the death of the children. 

Neesa advised her to call the police, but she called Jameel before dialling 911. 

Williams repeatedly told the 911 operator that she didn’t want to go to jail as her kids died when she was at work.  She cried that she didn’t want to get so locked up or arrested because the children were in her care during that time. 

Lamora later blamed her cousin for her children’s death. She mentioned that she had left them with her and opened the doors for the children to step out. She claimed her cousin left them in the house by themselves.

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After finally giving the dispatcher her location, Lamora said she found her children dead on the stove. She then proceeded to blame her sister and claimed that her sister was babysitting the kids and left her kids dead in the house.

It was a lot of back and forth about the death and whose fault it was. Right after Jameel had left Lamora, Brenda knew that her daughter would not be alright. She had mentioned to Jameel that something tragic was going to happen. She was going to do something to her kids and also going to do something to herself.

Before then, Brenda tried to gain custody of the children or prompt authorities to remove them from her unstable daughter’s care. 

She even called the Division of Family and Children Services, expressing concern about Lamora’s mental health and claiming she wasn’t feeding the children. Nothing was said enough on the matter. 

Lamora’s sister, Tabitha Hollingworth, also backed up Brenda’s concerns, stating that Lamora often left the toddlers alone at home. Lamora would leave her children home alone and had even attempted to cut her wrists.

Some of the Williams family members had said that Lamora suffered from postpartum depression.

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Lamora Williams Verdict

Who is Lamora Williams
Lamora Williams on trial

Right after Lamora Williams was arrested, she was taken into custody. Before then, she had told the 911 operators that she didn’t know who killed her children. 

A grand jury had indicted Lamora on charges of murder, making a false statement, aggravated assault, and concealing a death. She was also charged with cruelty to children as her 3-year-old son, Jameel, was at the house when his brothers died. 

The medical examiner stated that Lamora’s sons had no broken bones or any indication of blunt force trauma. 

They weren’t burned, but the electric oven damaged their bodies. Police suspected Lamora put the kids in the oven to conceal the method of murder.

It was unclear whether Lamora was found guilty as there are no additional updates on the trial, and her name didn’t appear in the Georgia Dept. of Corrections inmate search. 

Given the suspicions about her ill mental status, it’s likely that the court found her not competent to stand trial. The court would have admitted her to a psychiatric facility or hospital. In most cases where the offender shows cases of failing mental health, they would spend time in a mental hospital than jail time.

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Lamora Williams’ biography is marked by a tragic and deeply unsettling incident that shocked the public. The details surrounding the case raised important questions about mental health, family support systems, and the responsibility of society to identify and intervene in situations of distress.

The story of Lamora Williams serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of human behaviour and the need for compassion, understanding, and effective support systems to prevent such heartbreaking outcomes.

It underscores the importance of prioritizing mental health and providing resources to individuals and families in vulnerable situations to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.


Who is Lamora Williams?

Lamora Williams is a young woman who killed her two children in an oven. She first had a first child, a daughter, at the age of 18. Her daughter’s father’s family had helped take care of the child. 
Williams then started dating Jameel Penn and had three other children with him. Jameel ended the relationship in 2017 but supported Lamora financially and physically, helping with raising the children. 
Apart from committing murder, Lamora has been charged with other crimes like making false statements, aggravated assault, and covering up a death.

What happened to Lamora Williams?

It’s unclear whether Lamora was arrested or indicted- many people believe she may have been locked in a correctional facility or mental asylum. 
Lamora’s family had thought her capable of committing the murders. Her mother had described her as sick. When asked whether she thought Williams could murder her two children, Tabitha categorically answered, “Yes.”
The family also knew that she had mental health problems. 

What can we learn from the Lamora Williams case?

The Lamora Williams story happens a lot of times. Lamora is a woman who has been living with trauma right from a young age. It reminds us that people often deal with things by suppressing their emotions. they don’t make their mental battles known.
It emphasizes that many people are going through a lot of things and refuse to talk a lot. 
Lamora’s mental health struggles became more apparent after her father died in 2014, which, according to Jameel Penn, marked the beginning of a downward spiral.
It reminds us that people need to be kind and to notice various problems in people. 

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