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Why Do Men Cheat?

Why do men cheat? Honestly, there are various reasons why men cheat in a relationship. However, we have conducted extensive research to give you the most likely causes of infidelity.

Before we discuss that, however, let’s look at the meaning of the word cheating.

What Is Cheating?

“Next to hurting my family, cheating on me is the worst thing someone could do.” — Robert Buckley

Robert ain’t wrong, darling.

That five-letter word, hastily avoided by those with any shred of discipline and decency (girl, I don’t make the rules), simply depicts a situation where a person is s3xually and emotionally unfaithful to their partner. Cheating is commonplace in monogamous relationships, and while it is not exclusive to any particular gender, research says men do it more (no surprise, there).

Why men cheat

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When you’re in a relationship (monogamous) and your man goes cavorting with another person, then he’s a cheat. No more, no less.

Cheating doesn’t not concern marriage alone, as many prefer to believe. It becomes a solid possibility once a bond is established between people. A bond meant to be exclusive.

Infidelity is so frustrating to deal with because in most cases, it’s not usually the cheating that’s the problem. It’s how the cheated gets mentally distressed by feeling they are not enough for the cheat. It’s the insecurity, the doubt. Argh, I could rip my hair out!

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Signs He Is Probably Cheating

Many don’t know this, but just because your man apparently isn’t exchanging orgasms with another person doesn’t make him innocent. Especially if you notice any of these four signs I’m about to show you. What are these factors?

cheatIng partner
She’s probably thinking, “Where’s a knife when you need one?”

An Active Online Dating Profile

I mean, c’mon. How can you say you’re in a relationship with a man who still surfs Tinder or Badoo and all those other dating sites? That should tell you he’s still hunting. That you are an option, a side menu, and not his main meal.

A relationship should be bound by exclusivity. Having an active dating profile negates that concept. It shows you’re not exclusive, whatsoever.

A hard truth? You might not realize it until it is too late. Until he jets off into the sunset with some Rihannawannabe, leaving your heart in a million pieces just like your marriage scrapbook.

We’re with you, St. Patrick.

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Emotional Attachment To Someone Else

Nobody wants to date a man who always seems concerned or interested in the affairs of a party who’s neither his mother nor anyone of note.

You might never complain, but when your partner appears emotionally attached to someone that’s not you, it negatively impacts your mental health. You might not want to assume he’s cheating but at the same time, you cannot ignore the red flags clearly winking at you.

Why Do Men Cheat?


Why a man you’re involved with would ever consider this goes beyond me. Then again, for most men, blood doesn’t circulate in their brains but in their third leg. I mean, how else will anyone think some harmless flirting might be fun? Some of them are even so audacious (shameless in my book), they do it right in front of you. No modicum of respect!

Usually, when you confront them, they say, “C’mon, baby. It’s just a little harmless flirting It didn’t mean anything. Don’t be like that.”

Don’t be like what? He deserves a slap. Maybe three.

Yas, queen! That’s how you do it!

s3xual Intimacy

Well, if I need to elaborate on this, then …

Why Do Men Cheat?
What he said.

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Reasons Why Men Cheat

At this point you know what cheating is, the actions people regard as cheating, so we will now talk about the reasons why men cheat.


Basically, if you lack the experience and maturity to navigate the aspects of a relationship, then you will be unable to handle one and will most likely cheat if you see it as the easy way out. Immature men will make up justifications (excuses) for their infidelity, excuses masked in denial, because the truth is things got a little rough and they wanted out.

Thrill of Experience

Personally, I wish this wasn’t a thing but sadly, it is. A lot of the time, men cheat simply because they haven’t cheated before. They want to enjoy the experience and see what it feels like to go behind their partner’s back. Normally, a certified relationship promotes comfort and routine, and after a while, men start to crave the excitement that comes from screwing around.


Some men would go to the bar, have a few drinks, and catch the eye of some young lass. He’d remember days when he used to bang girls often and then wonder if he’s still got it. That sense of ego pushes him to flirt and he ends up cheating. He feels bad only for as long as it takes for his balls to refill, and then it is ‘rinse and repeat’ until you catch him or he decides to stop on his own accord.



For most men, infidelity is a chance to explore parts of themselves that they never got to experience or have repressed a long time ago.

It’s also not a case of wanting to change who they are, fundamentally, as a person. It’s more of them wanting to feel free and unburdened long enough to feel like they’re growing and experiencing life. In cases like these, they’re not looking for another person in their life. Instead, as cheesy as it may sound, they’re searching for themselves.


Contrary to stereotypic opinions, men do get insecure. And most times, they do not handle their insecurities well. A man could be under a lot of pressure to be a good husband to his wife and a good father to his kids and the pressure of maintaining that might be too much for him to bear.

The worst part is they feel they cannot talk about these things. So what’s their next idea?

Having an affair.

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Lack of Boundaries

Sometimes people in happy relationships cheat, and not of their own volition. Not having any limits in relationships or with other people regarding what behavior would be acceptable or unacceptable may increase the chances of men being involved in affairs.

If he’s someone who’s overly compliant and has difficulty saying ‘no,’ he might find himself in an affair even if he may not have wanted one in the first place.

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Bad Timing

Even someone in a strong and happy marriage can end up becoming vulnerable when an opportunity arises. This is usually the case when a husband cheats on his wife with someone he’s known, like a colleague he finds attractive, instead of a complete stranger.

They often justify it by saying that the opportunity was right there and they felt like they couldn’t just let it pass them.

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Why Men Cheat: Endnote

There you go. The reasons why men cheat in any relationship. However, you must understand that a cheat can still love his partner because most of the time an affair is not based on emotional connection and intimacy, but rather s3xual intimacy. And while is this still a dealbreaker for most, it still doesn’t negate the emotional bond between partners.

Simply put, a man can love you and still cheat on you. It happens. What’s important, though, especially if you want to salvage the relationship, is making sure he’s remorseful and willing to change his ways. If he’s not, feel free to dump his ass, girl. We’re solidly behind you.

Or if cheating is a dealbreaker for you, go ahead and dump his ass anyway. Whatever decision you make is right in that moment, up to but not including castrating him.

Why Do Men Cheat?

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