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Why do you want more? – Mum tells son she’s pregnant, he gets angry

A mother shared a viral video on @chamonixrainorganics where she informed her eldest child she, but his reaction amused many viewers.

The boy, who was not thrilled about the news, expressed his frustration about the situation, given that they already have two kids.

He questioned his mother’s reasoning for wanting to have a third child and said it would be maddening for him. The youngster couldn’t understand why his mother couldn’t just stick to him and his sister and continue to love them forever, without any new additions.

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The boy expressed his desire not to have another baby to come between them. After the mother assured him that no baby would replace them, he asked her to buy him earplugs to block out the new baby’s cries.

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Nigerian woman gets pregnant for best friend’s fiance

In another story, a shocking revelation emerged on Twitter as a young Nigerian woman is reported to have fallen pregnant for her best friend’s fiance just two months before their wedding.

The news was disclosed by a Twitter user, @praiseoghre, who claimed that the woman sought her counsel on the matter.

The woman reportedly admitted to sleeping with her best friend’s fiance on one occasion, leading to the pregnancy, and is now unsure of what to do. With the wedding just two months away, she is torn between revealing the truth to her friend or keeping it a secret.