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Please help me – Woman cries out over cheating husband after being childless for 2 years of marriage

Marcy Musunza, a young Kenyan woman posted a painful complaint about her cheating husband on Facebook.

After two years of marriage, Marcy claimed in a post shared on Sunday, April 16, that her husband had been having extramarital affairs with several women.

The devastated wife shared that her husband abandoned her and even called his concubines in front of her, threatening to end the marriage.

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She claimed that although she was devastated on the inside, she was unable to conceive and was unsure of when God will grant them a child.

Marcy posted on her Facebook wall, asking the internet community for advice, saying:

“Praise God. Am Marcy and am married for 2 years now but we have no child yet, my husband is cheating on me and when I ask he is doing this to me he always says because I am not giving him a child. Am dying inside because is know telling me that he will take his clothes and go , he also makes calls to his women while we’re together. I really want a baby but only God knows when. What should I do?”

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Nigerian lady jubilates after her cheating husband finds out UK mistress was a male

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman came online to express her joy after her cheating husband discovered that his mistress was once a male.

According to Yabaleftonline.ng, the wife shared a video of herself and her daughter dancing joyfully.

Her joy was expressed due to the situation between her husband and his UK mistress.