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Woman shares how her husband secretly impregnated and married another woman 

A Kenyan woman, Teresa Wanza, narrated how she wanted to end her life after she found out that her husband secretly married another woman.

In an interview with Standard Media, Wanza described her predicament. She said both she and her husband fell in love while attending the university and had a child together by the time they were graduating.

She claimed that her husband had little when they were first married, but they worked hard to build a decent life for themselves.

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“We met on campus and fell in love. By the time I was graduating, I was already a mother. We moved in together and later got married. With a bright future ahead of us, we worked hard to realise our goals.” She said.

After things got better for them, her husband changed completely.

He began to keep late nights and return home drunk. She overheard him have a conversation about a CT scan and she was not pregnant at the time.

He wasn’t even apologetic

The woman tried to snoop around on his phone but unfortunately was caught and she received a hot slap for it.

Soon after, she found out her husband got another woman pregnant long before he had money through a relative.

She was distraught about her finds and confronted him.

Surprisingly, he didn’t deny it and even told her that if she wasn’t comfortable with it, she could walk away.

Speaking further, Theresa advised other women to put their mental health first in any relationship.

Her words:

“Your mental health is important, never kill yourself or get mentally unstable just because of love. If you feel like things are not working out completely just walk away. There are many people who will love you unconditionally. Personally, I moved on and I’m happy with my current relationship.”

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Married woman forgets to tell husband about N35 million

Meanwhile, a married woman shared the dilemma she had with her husband over N35 million she seeminly forgot she had in her account.

She explained to the hosts of the “I Said What I Said” podcast how she failed to inform her spouse that she had millions in her account.

According to the married woman, her father gave her money as a wedding gift, as was customary in their family.