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It is self-destructive to marry an unkind person: Woman travels to UK with kids without telling husband

A Nigerian woman shattered a man’s heart to pieces after she fled with their two kids to the United Kingdom without the knowledge of her husband.

In a tweet, @titilolaoluwa shared what his uncle passed through after his wife, who was a nurse at Ekiti, fled with one of her exes with their kids without checking back on him or letting him reach out to the kids.

According to him, the woman always came to Nigeria to visit her kids in school, and she did that for a year; the second year, she picked them up from school, and the children’s father never saw them again.

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He explained that his uncle was devastated because even when the kid’s mother had left him, he bonded with his children and gave them everything he could afford.

He added that the case was a major one 25 years ago in police stations, but there was little his uncle could do because he was just an Ekiti civil servant.

“An Uncle of mine nearly ran mad when his wife eloped with her old-school lover in the mid-90s. The lady abandoned her 2 little boys & ran with the ex to the UK. She was a Nurse in Akure then. Years later, she was granted access to the kids after a lengthy divorce process….”

She would come 2ce in a year from the UK to visit them at school. Did that for a year & the 2nd year, she ran away with the kids & Egbon never saw them again. Their kids were renamed to fly with them. It’s self-destructive to marry an unkind person. This is the biggest tragedy in marriage,” he narrated.

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Lady leaves baby with boyfriend, travel to start a career

Meanwhile, a lady pulled the uno reverse card on her boyfriend and abandoned her baby with him after he tricked her into getting pregnant despite her decision not to be a mum.

Kiandria Demone a Facebook user shared the story in a post, where the lady told her how she dumped her baby for her boyfriend.

The lady never wanted to be a mother or have kids and this was a conversation she has had with her boyfriend.

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