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Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria

The list of the 8 worst courses to study in Nigeria is based on certain criteria.

These include job availability for careers in academia as well as marketability in the economic sector. For this very reason, we have hacked into the wheat and removed the chaff.

We will tell you the worst possible courses to study in Nigeria. And please note the keyword “Nigeria“. Whether these courses sell or make an impact in the larger world is not the point. Do they work here? Sadly, not. And prevention, they say, is better than a cure.

If you’re a Nigerian student looking for admission, and unsure what to select, then let us help you. Well, a part-help. You see, we won’t tell you what to study; we’ll tell you what not to study.

Now, let’s get into it.

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8 Worst Courses to Study in Nigerian Universities


Anthropology is one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. It has little or no value in the Nigerian economy. In the Nigerian labor market, graduates of Anthropology find it difficult to secure a job as it is of no relevance in the country. The employment rate is very low.

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts graduates are not the only ones who have had the opportunity to work in Nigeria’s entertainment industry in recent years. They must compete with graduates from other disciplines who can also do the things expected of a Theatre Art graduate in the entertainment industry, such as acting and singing.

Because the sector prefers people who are talented and can play their roles, graduates of Theatre Arts struggle to find work, making it one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria.

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Christian Religious Studies

Christian Religious Studies does not provide its graduates with a diverse range of opportunities to choose from after graduating. The only available job is teaching CRS in schools, which have few or no openings.

Social Studies

Because …? Your primary and secondary education wasn’t enough?

In Nigeria, Social Studies is one of the worst courses to study. Graduates of Social Studies previously had the option of teaching in primary and secondary schools. In recent times, though, it is preferable to study Social Studies Education because graduates will find it easier to find a teaching job.

According to the Ministry of Education’s directive, studying education is now a requirement for teaching in a government institution. This has rendered four years of Social Studies study a waste of time. Aside from teaching, graduates of Social Studies have few options for employment in other fields due to a lack of demand in the Nigerian labor market.

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Home Economics

Home Economics is another course that is regarded as one of the worst to study in Nigeria. Although studying Home Economics can help you develop a variety of skills, the employment rate is very low. Graduates are finding it difficult to find jobs in the current economy.

They are offered few or no job opportunities. Home Economics graduates can either become teachers or start their own businesses.


Despite the fact that agriculture is a lucrative profession, Horticulture, one of its branches, should not be touched with a ten-foot rake. Get it? Rake, because it is agric. Sighs.

Horticulture or the study and cultivation of ornamental plants, is not lucrative and has low prospects in the Nigerian labor market. It is one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. Graduates of Horticulture find it difficult to find work because companies in Nigeria rarely hire horticulturists unless they intend to start their own flower businesses.

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Library Science

Because there are few libraries in Nigeria, and even those that do exist are now in disrepair, studying Library Science in Nigeria has become obsolete. Thanks to the digital age, people no longer visit libraries, so the employment rate is relatively low.

Graduates of Library Science face the challenge of finding work because employment opportunities are typically limited.

Crop Science

Crop Science is one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. This course provides graduates with few or no job opportunities. Crop Science is thus less lucrative in comparison to other lucrative courses.

Most Crop Science graduates face the challenge of being unemployed after graduation because there are no openings in the labor market. It is difficult to find a job opening for a crop scientist in Nigeria because it is a rare occurrence.

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A Final Word from Battabox

Once again, factors used to influence this list include low demand in the labor market and the fact that a course is termed the ‘worst course’ in Nigeria doesn’t mean it is not lucrative in other countries.

If you have any questions, let us know below.

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