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Worst Valentine’s Day Experience

Think February 14 is all about love? This sweet testimony of our clients’ worst valentine’s day experience will tell you otherwise.

So many things make the month of February special. It’s the second month of the year. It might have been first if January hadn’t brandished its cutlass. Why do you think Capricorns are so gifted?

February is the shortest month of the year, having only 28 days, or 29 during a leap year. There are other attributes that contribute to its uniqueness. See this link for details. And last but not least, it is the period we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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What Is Valentine’s Day?

Celebrated annually on February 14 in honor of Saint Valentine, Valentine’s day is a holiday when romantic lovers express affection with gifts and greetings. In recent times, it has developed into a culture of mutual love between relatives and friends.

What this means is that while Valentine’s Day is originally a day to spend with your partner, it has become customary for even close friends to tax you during this period for gifts and other valuables. I will even go further by saying only one particular gender is guilty of this but I’m not trying to start a gender war here.

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However, it is one thing to be served breakfast on a normal day, but it is quite another when it happens on a day reserved for anything but heartbreak. I wish I could say Valentine’s day is usually happy for everyone, but that is so far from the truth that not even The Flash can close such a gap.

Worst Valentine’s Day Experience

Indignity. Humiliation. Heartbreak. Six different individuals share their worst Valentine’s Day experiences. I know. Exciting stuff awaits. Now, the first account is a little lengthy but it touched a certain nerve so I let it sit. Broke it into three parts to quickly guide your path. Enjoy.

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DeadBeat Date

Part 1

“I had been dating for seven months. For Valentine’s Day, I asked if we could stay at my house and I’d cook something and we’d just watch Netflix/GOT. He liked this idea, and he pretty much lives with me a few days a week. I lived in the same neighborhood as two of his brothers, in a different state from where my boyfriend lived. (Found out after we broke up that this made me wifey material, but I never really saw him as hubby material.)

I don’t know what he did all day, but I’m not getting into all the lies he told afterward. We set a time for dinner at 6:00 pm. I spent 3 hours cooking all of his favorite foods… Which I bought and prepared after setting the table nicely and making everything cute.

He doesn’t eat vegetables… And so he requested pasta, bread, and meat. I’m on a dialysis diet, and diabetic at the time. So it was already extremely hard to eat avoiding high carbs, sodium, and potassium. I don’t eat a lot of meat because I have never liked it. He had recently talked about meatballs and loves bread rolls so I decided to make meatballs and homemade bread rolls. I also made my Grandmother’s world-famous cheesecake from scratch, which is very special. I know it sounds like a weird mix, but he seemed okay with all of this and even talked about how excited he was. All was well and good. Or so I thought. What a fool I was.”


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Part 2

“He showed up a half hour late, which wasn’t the worst of it. I wouldn’t have been so upset except for the fact he went to one of his brother’s houses beforehand to eat. He knew our Valentine’s dinner was planned, and he showed up late and was not even hungry.

So I was already upset with all of that, but then he didn’t say thank you. And he then started telling me he wanted to get me something but didn’t have any money. Now, I have never cared about money, and I never will. So, I’m sorry, but he could be penny-less and still find a way to show his girlfriend how much he loved her. He could have made me a card with a piece of paper and crayons. He had no sense of appreciation or even a concept to say, ‘thank you for being in my life’. There was nothing… Tf?”

Part 3

“I never make a big deal out of valentines with the gifts and the generic part of it. But I do think that you should honor if it’s important to your partner, and still love them daily.

This turned into an argument, and more so after all this and him wanting to just use my internet to play Xbox in my house. And somewhere in that argument he was all “I wanted to get you sunflowers” and his story changed from I didn’t have money to I just couldn’t go to the store. Such lies and nonsense, and treating me like I didn’t matter.

I kicked him out, and I don’t know where he went, but between his brothers and me, he never had a reason to go home to his city where he had a room in his parents’ house. I took the cheesecake untouched to my parents because I couldn’t eat it. Threw out the food that I had painstakingly made for him. Cleaned up, did the dishes by myself, and watched Netflix by myself.

I broke up with him the next week.”

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Hoe? Oh No

“My girlfriend of three years got random flowers from a so-called ex-boyfriend I had no knowledge about. I mean, if he’s your ex, why is he still reaching out? Turned out he was in town. She tried to claim I had to leave for the night because her parents were coming for a surprise visit. She was trying to cheat on me and I caught her. Update: She’s long gone.”

Worst Valentine's Day Experience - battabox.com

Quickie Gone Wrong?

“A couple of years ago I made my boyfriend dinner at home while my parents went out for Valentine’s Day dinner. They told us when they would be home, so we planned accordingly. Fast forward to making out half-naked on the couch and my parents burst through the door. Never threw a blanket over me so darn quick.”

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Loose Guard

“Best Valentine’s Day gift. A locket. Worst Valentine’s Day gift. A locket. My boyfriend handed me the one he was supposed to give to his side chick. I got one with a photo of her and him. She got one with him and me. Now I hear he has none of us. Such romance!”



“My boyfriend at the time got me the normal high school Valentine’s Day gifts — the chocolate, the bear, and then flowers. We went out to dinner and then came back to watch a movie.

As we were watching the movie, he started to make a move. I was like, let’s not and he argued back saying that he gave me a good Valentine’s Day with gifts and food and I should be comfortable enough with him feeling me up. Suffice to say it didn’t last long after that.”

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“Got absolutely nothing for a gift.”

Worst Valentine's Day Experience - battabox.com

Conclusion On Worst Valentine’s Day Experience

Wasn’t that an exquisite read? I laughed (oh this, I did), cried (not a tear, tbh), and found that last one quite satisfactory. You have read this season’s winning accounts of the worst Valentine’s Day experiences. Now, I am no Lady Whistledown, but you can always count on me to deliver more scandalous tales as they echo my way.

Have you also had a worse valentine’s day experience? feel free to update us in the comment section. Who knows? Your story might make the next issue!

If you have any questions, let us know below.

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