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20 Unique Yoruba Names for Boys and Their Meaning

Femi, Bayo and Ayo. 

If you are on the internet, I’m sure you have heard these names. Someone might have even warned you to stay far away from them. Don’t ask me about that, I don’t know. 


Moreover, this is not an article about Yoruba boys to stay away from. This article is a list of Yoruba names for boys and their meanings. Don’t worry, you’ll find out what Femi, Bayo, and Ayo mean in just a bit. 

Naming a child is a very serious endeavor in Yoruba culture, due to the belief that a child’s name determines his/her destiny. 

The naming ceremony, known as isomo loruko, takes place on the ninth day for a boy, and the eighth day after birth for a girl. This culture dates back centuries; however, with westernization and new religions, Yoruba naming ceremonies now take place on the eighth day. 

Children, both boys and girls, can receive names after living or dead relatives, and usually have prefixes to gods and family deities. Some names are also reserved for royal families or families with special titles.

Let’s get right into it! 

20 Yoruba Names for Boys


Abidemi means “born when the father was absent”. This name is for boys who came into this world when their father was on a journey. It is a combination of two words; “abi” meaning “we birthed” and “demi” meaning “in my absence”. 

The short form of this name is Bidemi.


Also associated with the crown, Adebayo is another popular Yoruba name for boys. 

It literally means “the crown meets joy”. It can be shortened to “Bayo” which means “to meet joy” or “to encounter joy”.


Adegoke can be either a surname or a given name for boys in Yoruba. It means “the crown is exalted”. 

This name can be associated with royalty, as Ade is the word for “crown” while goke means “exalted”. It can be shortened to either Ade or Goke. 

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This is a very traditional Yoruba name for boys. It means “righteous” or “perfection”.

Adigun is an oriki name. An oriki name is a praise name in Yoruba land, also known as a panegyrics. 

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Don’t let these guys sing your oriki if you don’t have self-control. You can sell yourself and give them the tellar.


Akinwale is also a very popular and very old popular Yoruba name for boys.  It means “valor has come home” or more literally “the warrior has arrived”. 

Akin is the word for warrior or brave in Yoruba, while wale means “come home”. Akinwales fondly go by Akin or Wale.

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This is a name for the first boy child of the king in Yoruba land. It denotes royalty and is reserved for the heir to the throne. 

Yoruba Names for Boys and Their Meaning - battabox.com

However, many Yoruba families these days now call their first boy child Aremo, to show how precious he is.


Aremu is similar to Aremo, in that as Aremo is for the first boy child in a royal family, Aremu is for the first boy child in any Yoruba family. 

If you are a male first child in a Yoruba family, you are automatically an Aremu. 


Arguably one of the most popular names on Obasanjo’s internet and in the history of Yoruba people, Ayo simply means joy. 

Some people choose to name their boys just Ayo, but oftentimes, it is a prefix. It comes in several variations, depending on the emotions of the family members and the circumstances around their birth.

You could have Ayowale meaning Joy has come to my home, Ayomide meaning my joy has come, Ayotelemi meaning joy has followed me, among a host of others. 

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Babatunde is a popular Yoruba name for boys believed to be a reincarnation of a male relative. The name literally means “the father had come again”. 

Yoruba culture believes in reincarnation, therefore this name exists in different variations. Some examples are Babawale, meaning the father has come home, Babatunji, meaning the father has resurrected, Babawole, which means the father has entered the home, among others.


Boluwaduro means “I stand with God”. It is a circumstantial name for boys in Yoruba culture. The short form can be Bolu which means “with God” or Duro meaning “I stand”.


The name Majekodunmi means “do not let it hurt me” or “do not let it grieve me” in Yoruba. It is for boys who have unpleasant circumstances surrounding their birth. 

Short form of Majekodunmi is Majek. Yeah, that’s right; Majek Fashek‘s full name is Majekodunmi Fashek.

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“I rejoice in the gift of God”. This is the meaning of the name Moyosoreoluwa; it expresses joy in the gift of a child.

The short form of the name is Moyo, meaning I rejoice.


Obafemi simply means “the king wants me”. And no, it’s not in the way you’re thinking.

yoruba names for boys

Oba means “king” and Femi means “wanted”. The king in this case may mean God or the actual prevailing king of the jurisdiction. The short form of this name could be Oba or Femi.


Oluwole is a common Yoruba name for boys. It is a suppressed form of “olu wo ile”, which means “God has entered this home” or “God is in this home”.

You can shorten this name to Olu or Wole.

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Omotosho means “a child is as good as jewels”. The name can also be shortened to Tosho, meaning “good as jewels”.


Ogundele can be a surname as well as a name for Yoruba boys. It is commonly from families who worship the deity Ogun and means “Ogun has arrived home”. 

This is an example of deity prefix names, and like other prefix names, it comes in variations. For example, there is Ogunyale, meaning Ogun stopped by the house and Ogundina, which means Ogun obstructs the path

Yoruba names for boys


Olanrewaju is a popular name for Yoruba boys which means “nobility progresses or advances”. The name can also mean “wealth advances”. 

It is usually shortened to Lanre or Lanrewaju.

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Oluwasegun is another very popular Yoruba name for boys, especially those born on a Tuesday. It means “God is victorious”, and usually takes its diminutive form, Segun. 


Sinaade is an old Yoruba name for boys, and means “to open the way for wealth”. Shortened forms include ‘Sina’ or ‘Ola’. 


The name Tomori means “we have seen a child again”, with Atomori as the full form.

It is for babies born after a long break in childbearing, or boys who are born after the death of another child.


Congratulations, you just learned about some Yoruba names for boys and their meaning.

If you have any questions, let us know below.