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You dey trust man: Lady weeps bitterly as the boyfriend she sponsored abroad breaks up with her

Anjie, a Nigerian lady, cries bitterly after her relationship fell apart due to her boyfriend’s relocation abroad.

In a video on TikTok, the heartbroken Anjie rhetorically asked netizens if that was how men behaved.

The young lady claimed she paid for her lover’s travel expenses abroad with all of her savings, only to have him block her a month later.

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He blocked her after sending her a breakup message. The lady was unable to control her emotions, she cried throughout the video. 

Reactions: After everything you don hear

Netizens were moved by Anjie’s heartfelt video. 

@ucheamande952: You be mumu. your parents will be disappointed in you. sponsoring your boyfriend with your savings. you no fit sponsor yourself 

@successful 44: After everything way we Dey do for this app u still go Dey trust man?sorry oh

@Mrs Tina Tony???: Boyfriend oooo not even ur brother God will you ooo?

@philjobiaffairs6: So sad ! What a hard way to learn. U did it for love. God will settle u and punish him. Ur good will definitely speak for u… Take heart. ?

@Angionyi: You go Dey trust man ahhh you go dey trust Adam ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

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Nigerian lady wails as boyfriend of 5 years dumps her

Meanwhile, after being rejected by her five-year boyfriend, a young Nigerian woman drowned in the pool of her own tears.

The heartbroken and distraught woman revealed that her boyfriend, Femi broke things off with her after dating for five years.

In a video posted online, she accused her lover of breaking his pledge to stay by her side forever.