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You don’t need prostitution to succeed – Influencer Mandykiss apologizes to fans

Influencer Mandykiss apologized for misleading her fans into prostitution through her online content on Tuesday 4th April.

She was well-known for her street attitude and waywardness as the president of s3x workers – a title she gave herself. Mandykiss advised ladies to remain good and emphasized that her content was just for survival.

She took to Instagram to tell ladies they can make it without sleeping around with men.

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Too late!

The influencer advised ladies to stay focused and determined. She reminded ladies of how beautiful they are and prayed for God to send them helpers.

In her own words, she said “To all the girls I mislead with my content please I’m so sorry and to the ones that are just trying to take it into action please don’t try to. Please don’t desist from being the good lady you are. You are beautiful, you are perfect.

There are so many legal things we can do to put food on our table but you see those things I say please don’t even try to believe them not to talk of practicing them I only tried to make ends means from it.”

Netizens had a wide range of reactions. Some supported her change, some warned her to not advise them to desist from the act, and others made fun of the situation. See some of their reactions:

@tammy_loreh: “Oh wow , we love the new Mandy , don’t we ??”

@badboy__chase: “You Dey craze. If you wan change, change for yourself. Why you Dey advice us?”

@hormo_wasola: “No be Mandy go tell me all this thing jare”

@unrulyfundz_wnc: “Notin my data no go see”

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Men love stubborn girls: Influencer Caramel reveals

In other news, Instagram influencer, Ogechi Ukonu, popularly known as Caramel Plugg, shared a relationship tip on social media claiming that men love stubborn women.

Caramel argued that men don’t really like peace of mind and never truly want a submissive lady.

She said, “They like people who are challenging, they like girls who are stubborn, who don’t want to listen to anything, girls who feel like the world revolves around them.”