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You hate paternity fraud but you’re jumping from prayer house to alfa to get pregnant – Nigerian lady blasts religious women

You hate paternity fraud but you're jumping from prayer house to alfa to get pregnant

A Nigerian lady got sick of women who said they hate paternity fraud but move about prayer houses and alfas in search of ‘visitations’.

She blasted women for going to fake prophets to seek the fruit of the womb through immoral means.

She shamed them for knowing all the prayer houses in and around their locations but didn’t know their ovulation period or seek medical assistance.

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She insisted that you cannot hate paternity fraud yet go to fake prophets to sleep with you for children.

The lady spelled out their guise as they moved to fake prophets who slept with them and they called it a miracle.

You hate paternity fraud but you’re jumping from prayer house to alfa to get pregnant

You can’t hate paternity fraud and move to different prayer houses

The lady also shamed their husbands for letting their wives jump around for such reasons without seeking medical help themselves.

She said in part: “You hate paternity fraud but you are visiting Alfa & fake prophets to get you pregnant Grown up woman,will be told to pass the night so she can be “visited”. Next month, she’s confirmed pregnant and her husband is excited that “God finally answered”

Her tweet got many reactions as they agreed with her that people say they hate paternity fraud but they enable it.

@kingelvis7022: “God have mercy on us men make situations no make man go dey train another man’s children.Woman are faithful but can’t do DNA test.”

@Gelande_Wagen: “Abeg loud your volume small. Them blockheads are not hearing you well at the back.”

@M10TV1: “Like how will you be praying for a child from God and you haven’t had s3x with your husband,ahah,you don’t even know your periods schedule,you pray and fast deprived your husband from s3x because you are praying for a child.”

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DNA reveals Nigerian celeb’s son is not his- Daddy Freeze

Meanwhile, in a shocking avowal made by Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster, Daddy Freeze, there is apparently a celebrity who found out after taking a DNA test that his son is not his all along.

The radio talk show host made this declaration during an Instagram live session where he stated that Nigerian women are second in the world who indulge in giving someone else’s child to another man.

He stated that a celebrity has fallen victim to paternity fraud as he found out after doing a DNA test that he isn’t the biological father of his child.

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