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Young secondary student invents blender using an empty can and a rubber cup (video)

  • A young secondary student created a blender using an empty can and a rubber cup in a video that has now gone viral.
  • The young man blended tomatoes to show viewers in a video how the blender functions.
  • The boy’s outstanding skills were complimented by several Twitter users when the video went viral and attracted their attention.

A young secondary school student created his own blender, which functioned excellently.

In a video that Interest shared on Twitter, the young student made an appearance and demonstrated how the machine operates.

The blender was constructed by the young man using materials including a rubber cup and an empty tomato can.

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Young secondary student invents blender

When the young man pressed a button, the fresh tomatoes that had already been added to the blender were turned into a paste.

Social Media Reaction:

Netizens took to social media to share their thoughts;

@man_like_leke said: “Can we stop importing blenders now.”

@MaOnhiawoda reacted: “We celebrate mediocrity. Kids in china are doing far more advanced technologies and we are here celebrating someone making a blender. One which doesn’t even work properly. We have to aspire for bigger things because this poverty mentality is what is killing us.”

@tweetsbyobinna said: “He looks so proud. Pls keep going, don’t let Nigeria stop your dreams.”

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