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“a whole me dey cook since morning”: Woman advises ladies to take their time

  • One woman’s journey in the kitchen sparks timeless marriage advice
  • She highlights the difficulties and hard work that are a normal part of married life from her own experience.
  • In a video message on TikTok, she Urges Thoughtful Marriage Choices

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 "a whole me dey cook since morning": woman advises ladies to take their time
“a whole me dey cook since morning”: woman advises ladies to take their time

In a TikTok video, @shuga190, a married Nigerian woman, shares important advice for women thinking about getting married. She talks about taking your time and thinking carefully before deciding to get married.

@shuga190 says it’s essential not to rush into marriage just because friends are getting married. She warns against making quick decisions influenced by societal pressure or friends’ choices, encouraging women to focus on being emotionally ready and prepared for marriage.

Shuga’s Raw Insights into the Realities of Matrimony

Shuga stressed the importance of thinking carefully and looking at yourself before deciding to do something significant. She talked about her own experiences, pointing out the difficulties and effort that can come with being married.

Shuga shared her own story, showing what married life is really like. In her TikTok video, she showed how she had been cooking with firewood all day, even in the hot sun. She wanted to show that marriage isn’t always as fancy or exciting as it might look.

a beautiful Nigerian marriage

Shuga’s personal experience was a reminder that being married takes commitment, hard work, and sticking with it through tough times.

Here’s what she said:

“For those of you who are rushing to enter marriage because your friends are married. My sister don’t rush and enter marriage oh, look at me I’ve been here since morning, na family food I dey cook oh for husband house.

“You will suffer; you will work hard. Marriage is not what you people think; look at me; I’ve been under the sun since morning cooking. A whole me.

she continued, “Marriage is not what all of you think oh. Take your time, ask yourself if you are ready to get married, if you are not ready, take your time oh because you go see shege for marriage.”

comments as a woman advises women looking to get married

Jennifer Cynthia: “No worry i go stand for sun cook for them € make I marry first Biko.” Nancy reacted: “We go still marry.”

@anihealthmatter: “My dear na ur leave be that” most of us hubby get chef to get the food ready and we’re having babygirl life after many children.”

@hani’s pastries reacted: “U don marry abi u never marry.”

@hopeik3: “No worry make I first marry first.”

check out the video below:

“Why you wan scatter my marriage”- Domestic abuse survivor questions her helper

In other stories, a woman on social media posted exchanges between herself and a survivor of domestic abuse who wondered why she attempted to break up her marriage.”

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According to her, the domestic abuse survivor who is a single mother was severely abused by her baby daddy and in her little way, she tried to help by supporting her financially from as far back as 2020.

She even gave her number to be able to contact her in case of emergency, but the woman went ahead to reconcile with her baby daddy despite the abuse.

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