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Welcome to BattaBox!
BattaBox is Nigeria's Original Blogsite. Our team of writers bring daily News, entertainment, and information about Nigeria and Africa like never seen before! When we started Battabox, our passion for blogging drove us to action: create a highly engaging and informative content that is carefully curated and well-researched in a way that provide useful information, news and entertainment updates created by Nigerians, for everyday Nigerians. We also wanted to build a strong community and an army of Battabox-Believers. This cause has led us down a rabbit hole, a never-ending discovery of the resilience of the Nigerian State and her Prowess! Despite the nuances of the tribes and peoples of Nigeria, United, we stand! Our daily stories corroborate this fact. Today, our community of like-minded individuals helps improve the quality of the lives of every Nigerian by telling our Original Nigeria story in a fun, light-hearted and engaging way. We are based in the Mega-City of Lagos – the capital of Nollywood, Nigeria. Although we serve Nigerians and Africans, inside and outside of the Motherland, We are thrilled to share our passion with everyone, the world at large and with you too. please join us, in our quest to create a better Nigeria…. @battabox on all social media handles!
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