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12 Best Wallpaper Designs Idea That Will Transform Your Space

Always pick the best wallpaper designs for your rooms. Check out the samples below to see the best fit for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

 Wallpapers are more artistic and give your room a homely feeling. Little wonder is why everyone prefers a plain painted wall.

Various wallpapers can suit different rooms in your home. We will give you some ideas. Meanwhile, you’re free to use any wallpaper design of your choice for any of your rooms.

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What are Wall Papers

Wallpapers are designs that are used for the interior decoration of buildings. Some of them are repeated patterns put together, while others are just one huge design customized for the room.

Wallpapers have their history dating back to the 1700s when stencilling, woodblock printing, and hand painting were used before printmaking overtook them all.

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Types of Wallpaper Designs

Apart from a classic design, to get the best wallpapers for your room, you need to know the different types so that you can make a good decision. Here are the different types of wallpapers

1. Printed Wallpaper

Here is the mostly used type of wallpaper. You should take care in handling it since it can be torn easily. The printed wallpapers are made of paper and printed in large quantities. 

2. Liner Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is made from paper or fibreglass material. It is used to hide wall defects. Sometimes people still paint over it, but if you get one with a great wallpaper design, you can use it that way. 

However, you need to be careful because it can spoil easily with rough handling.

3. Foil Wallpaper

Foil wallpapers are made from metals, especially aluminium sheets. Then designs are printed upon them. These wallpapers are great for darker places in your home because they reflect light.

4. Bamboo Wallpaper 

If you like a natural sight for your home, you will also love bamboo wall designs. Here bamboo or sheets made out of this wood are used as wallpapers. Many times, they are dried and redesigned.

5. Grasscloth wallpaper

As the name implies, the material used for this type of wallpaper is obtained from plants, many times types of grass. The fibres of this plant are dried and hand woven into fine patterns, which can be used for wallpaper design.

6. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers are also very popular because of their durability. It is made from plastic material, which makes it washable. It is the best choice if you’re looking for something that lasts long and can easily be cleaned.


Best Wall Paper Design

Now that you’ve known the different wallpapers, let’s give you some magnificent wallpaper designs for your walls. 

Remember that you can use more than one wallpaper for your room. If you see any two you think can match, don’t be afraid to try something creative. Wallpapers work well for worktops too.

Here are some varieties, so you can make a good choice from our list.

1. Floral Design Wallpaper

Floral designs are very beautiful for living rooms or bedrooms. If you like something soft, you can look for outstanding clustered petals with different colours or settle for an elaborate style with one colour.

If you’re still wondering how to choose the best wallpapers for your bedroom, read on, and you’ll find something that sticks.

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2. In the Woods Design

I like this wallpaper design because it makes your living room seem like it’s in the middle of woods, green and flourishing. If you’re a lover of nature like me, then you can consider making your room appear like this.

This design can make your room look bigger. As a piece of advice, use plain matching colours on the other sides of the room.

3. Classic floral Design

If you like something less screaming, then this is for you. This patterned floral wallpaper design gives any room a mature look. They come in beautiful colour combinations that are seldom bright. 

Beautiful for living rooms, offices, or bedrooms.


4. Vintage Wallpaper Designs

Check out these beautiful vintage wallpaper designs and pick the one that best suits you. This wallpaper is made of durable material, so it can be used in any room of your choice.

Vintage wallpapers are also very easy to apply because they have a regular pattern that can be easily followed more like a DIY project. You’ll spend nothing on installing it.

5. Shapes Wallpaper Designs

Unlike you may think, shape wallpaper designs give your room a bigger look. You can choose whatever type of shape you like. Also, the shapes are not always arranged in a regular form, giving them their type of beauty.

6. Spiral Wallpaper Designs

Check out this Zebra spiral design. These designs are beautiful for just any type of room. They are interior gear decor, and with the right type of furniture, you’ll love the transformation you’ll see when you use this design.

7. Bricks and Stones

Some old-school stuff, right? No, there’s a beautiful wallpaper of bricks that can vary in colour. This is proper for the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Make sure you do a plain floor finish to match your wall.


8. City Wallpaper Designs

It’s easy to make your sitting room feel like the centre of Paris, the right city wallpapers showing lights, tall buildings, and streets will serve this purpose. However, if you don’t like the busy colours of this style, choose something plainer with large designs.

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9. Nature Designs

The sight of clouds, trees, and waterfalls is very relaxing. Hence these nature designs are the best for bedrooms. It won’t hurt to put it in your living room too. Having relaxing walls is one good way to relieve stress.

10. Paint Splash

Splash! Sometimes blue, sometimes red. Splash design is a beautiful wallpaper style for homes. This is a beautiful way to make an impression in your room. 

11. Cool Wallpaper Design

Other cool wallpapers may show birds or other beautiful graphics like the one you see above. If you like bubbles or something artificial, you can choose from the options above.

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12. Fruit Wallpaper Designs

For fruit lovers, you could love the fruit splash wallpaper design or a series of strawberries arranged in a regular pattern. This design will be great for your bedroom or office.

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Above are great wallpaper designs you could try out. Many of them are easy to install, and you can get them in the physical building in your locality. You can also check out online stores for these designs too.

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