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Who has the Biggest Forehead in the World? [Interesting Facts]

Who has the biggest forehead in the world? That’s a weird question to ask, isn’t it? Well, I’m no genie, but something tells me you are here to learn a not-so-popular fact about the forehead or…

Biggest Forehead In the World - A man starring into the camera
Biggest forehead in the world – A man starring into the camera

… or you are here to compare your forehead with the biggest forehead in the world. Something tells me the latter is the real answer. Well, it’s not uncommon to compare parts of the body to others, especially in size. Mmm, what are you thinking?

The forehead is one of the most obvious parts of your body. Any abnormal size, and you would catch eyes looking at you, wondering if God took extra time plus ninety minutes when creating your head.

Well, however big your forehead is, it’s not the biggest in the world. I’m here to prove that to you. Who has the biggest forehead in the world?

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Who Has The Biggest Forehead In The World?

A picture of a lady holding her forehead with both hands

The forehead is the part of the human face located above the eyes and below the hairline. It is the frontal portion of the head, extending from the top of the eyebrows to the hairline or the crown of the head.

According to Speeli, the biggest forehead in the world belongs to Sverre Aarseth. Sverre has a forehead that is said to be 22 inches wide. When you put that into the concept of a flat-screen TV, it is pretty enormous.

Largest forehead record holder, Sverre Aarseth

Whatever adjective I might use to describe Sverre’s forehead, it bears no ill intent. It’s all in the spirit of morphological description. Sverre is not the only one with an astounding forehead. Other popular personalities have a “statement” forehead.

For one, we have “Mr. YouTuber turned Businessman and Boxer”, KSI. I’m a huge fan of KSI and his work ethic, so this is no shade to him.

Another person with a substantial forehead is Rihanna. Okay, okay, I know she is your fav and your queen, but Rihanna really meant it when she said, “Shine bright like a diamond”. All you have to do is bounce light off it.

There are a lot more. At the end of the day, forehead size should be just the forehead size.

Hmm.. Read that again.

Well, it should be, but it isn’t. Forehead size isn’t just forehead size. The size of one’s forehead has some sort of influence on the person’s character and personality.

While that is true, and research is in progress, there are also some myths about forehead size.

Example: “Your forehead size is proportional to your IQ.”

That’s a laughable theory.

So, let’s get into the topic to debunk the myth about how your forehead determines your intelligence quotient (IQ).

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Does Having A Big Forehead equal a High IQ?

You won’t think this is a necessary topic for discussion if you are on the better side of the chart.

The one with the bigger forehead. You think if that myth happens to be true, “Praise the Gods, you have a big brain”.

But if you take a good look at those with the “mini” or “compact” forehead. They might attribute their size to the quality of their intelligence.

This is a key topic.

Big Forehead and Intelligence

The first thing that would encourage such thought would be …

…that bigger forehead should say bigger brain, right?

Well, that’s wrong. Forehead size does not determine brain size, and brain size as well doesn’t determine intelligence quotient (IQ).

However, people with larger brains are prone to have more neurons. This can lead to increased cognitive abilities in humans.

To take that statement in isolation would be a scientific fallacy, and you can be sued… well, you can’t be sued, but read on for better information.

Forehead size alone does not assure higher intelligence. Several cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, social skills, and memory, amongst many others, bound intelligence.

This proves that intelligence is complicated and too elaborate to be attributed to one factor.

Genetic and other environmental factors influence intelligence. The environment plays an active role in constructing and building the potential of one’s intelligence.

Some of these environmental factors are;

  1. Access to Resources
  2. Life experiences
  3. Access to education
  4. Economic Status
  5. Social status

All these and more affect the intellectual development of an individual. This renders your suggestion about forehead size equaling IQ shortsighted.

To quote an excellent YouTube video,

“Intelligence is the product of the interplay between nature and nurture”.

Howard Gardner’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligence

Howard Gardner also debunks this myth with his theory that “intelligence is not a single entity but a collection of distinct abilities”.

These abilities can range from Linguistic, musical, interpersonal or intra-personal skills, Spatial, Kinesthetic, etc.

Excellence varies in each of these areas, as no man is a jack of all trades.

“If forehead size was a gauge to determine IQ level, Isn’t there supposed to be equal excellence across all areas?”

Food for thought.

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Forehead Type And Personality Traits

What does your forehead say about you? This is not like those fortune teller or palm reader things.

But by constant research and sheer focus on detail, science has been able to attribute certain personality traits to the type of forehead you possess.

Traits like these can either be minimally or maximally existing in you. What happens is all these traits and others sum up to determine the final product, which is…You.

Here are the following types of forehead we will talk about today;

  1. Big forehead
  2. Narrow forehead
  3. Curved forehead
  4. M-shaped forehead

To think that these forehead types say something about you interests me as a writer.

1. Big Forehead Personality

Broad (big) forehead

A big forehead is a facial feature where the forehead area is relatively larger in comparison to the rest of the face. It comprises a high hairline, larger forehead surface area, and more vertical space.

Is this you? (drum roll)

  1. You are good at giving advice (maybe God put so much in there; you have to let us have some).
  2. You can multitask and have a balanced approach to life.
  3. You are organized, intelligent, analytical, and thoughtful (if you don’t think, what a waste of big forehead space, right?)
  4. You are content with yourself and enjoy solitude.
  5. You are open-minded and open to opportunities.
  6. You like being in charge, and your analytical prowess makes you successful.

Many successful people have big foreheads. Does a Big forehead equal abundance?

2. Narrow Forehead Personality

Narrow forehead

A narrow forehead is a facial feature where the forehead area appears relatively smaller or more compressed in comparison to the rest of the face. It is characterized by a compact head surface, low hairline, and less vertical space.

Is this you? (drum roll)

  1. You avoid getting attached due to fear of getting hurt.
  2. You do not like attention, but you effortlessly get it.
  3. You believe in hard work, and you are proud of your accomplishments.
  4. You live your life by your rules and don’t conform to the norms of this world.
  5. You listen to your heart more than your head.
  6. You enjoy your own company the most.
  7. You are a positive person and don’t allow negativity to erode your energy.

3. Curved Forehead Personality

Curved forehead

A curved forehead refers to a forehead shape that has a gentle, smooth, and slightly rounded contour rather than a flat or sharply angled appearance. It typically lacks pronounced ridges or bony protrusions.

The curve can be more prominent in some individuals, giving the forehead a soft and gracefully rounded appearance, while in others, it may be subtler.

Is this you? (drum roll)

  1. You are cheery, easygoing going, and friendly.
  2. You have a warm and positive aura that makes you begin friendships easily.
  3. You know when to say what to say.
  4. You are Optimistic and encourage people to live in such a light.
  5. You are calm in handling tough situations and quick-witted.

4. M-Shaped Forehead

M shaped Forehead

An “M-shaped forehead” typically refers to a hairline pattern that forms a distinctive “M” or widow’s peak shape, where the hairline forms a point or V-shape in the centre of the forehead.

This type of hairline is characterized by a natural recession of hair at the centre, with hair extending down in a “V” or “M” pattern towards the temples.

Is this you? (drum roll)

  1. You are artistic (why not? God already started art with your forehead).
  2. You are highly imaginative.
  3. You are calm but prone to losing your temper.
  4. You notice the little details.
  5. You rarely hold grudges.

And many more…

This concludes the aspect of forehead type and personality. So, perform a self-examination both inward and outward.

Know your forehead type and examine your personality to find that which is written and accurate.

How do you know if you have a big forehead?

It can be confusing, especially when you compare yourself with others, and you feel you don’t have as much, yet people call yours big.

Nobody likes their forehead to be called big (even if it is, shh).

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How To Know If You Have A Big Forehead

Do I have a Big forehead?

The question as to whether you have a big forehead is a subjective assessment and can vary from person to person.

Here are some general guidelines to help you evaluate your forehead size:

1. Hairline

Check the position of your hairline. A high or receding hairline can make the forehead appear larger, while a low or straight hairline may make it seem smaller.

2. Proportions

Consider the proportions of your facial features. In some cases, a forehead may appear larger if it is disproportionately larger compared to the rest of the face.

3. Brow ridge

A pronounced brow ridge can give the appearance of a larger forehead. This feature is more common in males.

4. Self-perception

Your perception of your forehead size matters. If you feel that your forehead stands out or is a prominent feature, it may influence how you view its size.

5. Hairstyle

The way you style your hair can either emphasize or downplay the appearance of your forehead. Bangs or fringe hairstyles can partially cover the forehead, making it appear smaller.

6. Comparisons

You can compare your forehead size to those of friends, family, or people you know. Keep in mind that forehead size varies greatly among individuals, and there’s no “normal” or ideal size.

Ultimately, the perception of a “big” or “small” forehead is highly subjective and culturally influenced.

It’s important to remember that beauty is diverse, and what matters most is how you feel about your appearance.

If you have concerns about your forehead size or overall facial aesthetics, you can consult with a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a professional in the field of cosmetic procedures for guidance and options.

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Science Behind Forehead Size and Shape

Science behind forehead size and shape

What are the factors that contribute to the shape and size of your forehead?

Off the top, I can say the most obvious answer is genetics. Like most physical attributes, forehead shape, and size are obtained from the combined genes of parents.

There are other factors to consider. See below;

1. Genetics

Your genes play a significant role in determining the size and shape of your forehead. You inherit certain physical traits from your parents, and these genetic factors can influence the proportions of your facial features, including the forehead.

2. Cranial bone structure

The size and shape of the cranial bones, particularly the frontal bone, which forms the forehead, have a direct impact on its appearance. Variations in the growth and structure of these bones can result in different forehead shapes.

3. Hairline

The position and shape of your hairline can affect the perceived size of your forehead. A high or receding hairline can make the forehead appear larger, while a low or straight hairline may make it seem smaller.

4. Age

Forehead size can change over time due to the ageing process. As people age, they may experience changes in the positioning of the hairline, as well as alterations in the skin’s elasticity and underlying tissues, which can impact the appearance of the forehead.

5. Trauma or injury

In some cases, head injuries or trauma can alter the size and shape of the forehead due to damage to the cranial bones or surrounding tissues.

6. Lifestyle factors

Environmental factors like nutrition, overall health, and habits such as smoking can influence bone and tissue development, potentially affecting the forehead’s appearance.

7. Gender

Forehead size and shape can also vary between genders.

In general, males tend to have larger foreheads compared to females, and the male forehead may have a more pronounced brow ridge.

Remember that the appearance of an individual’s forehead is highly variable, and there is no universally ideal or standard size or shape. Beauty and attractiveness are subjective and can vary among different cultures and individuals.

That brings us to the end of forehead-related topics.

Or does it?

What’s the use of knowing the biggest forehead in the world if we don’t know who has the smallest forehead in the world?

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Who Has The Smallest Forehead In The World?

Smallest forehead record holder, Jyoti Kishanji Amge

The smallest forehead in the world belongs to Jyoti Kishanji Amge.

Jyoti Amge is an Indian actress and television personality who holds the title of the world’s shortest-living woman, according to the Guinness World Records. She has appeared in various television shows and movies.

She was born in India on December 16, 1993, and was measured at 62.8 cm (24.7 inches) in Nagpur, India, in 2011.

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Who Is The Oldest Person With The Broadest Forehead?

Dr William B Brown of San Francisco.

In addition, William formerly held the world record for the largest brow. It weighed about 26 pounds.

This brings us to the end of the forehead and its size.

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Battabox says?

What is Battabox saying?

Whatever size or shape you have. It is peculiar and beautiful. Do not make the mistake of ruining beauty with comparison.

Battabox does not condemn any thought of changing your forehead by medical processes. But, we present you with a more reliable option.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which forehead shape is best for women?

There is no beat forehead shape. Allow me to reiterate: Whatever size or shape you have. It is peculiar and beautiful. Do not make the mistake of ruining beauty with comparison.

2. Who has the biggest feet in the world?

Tanya Herbert.

3. Who has the biggest nose in the world?

Mehmet Özyürek’s schnoz measured a whopping 3.46 inches — or about the size of a playing card. His nose was at least an inch longer than the average male nose, which is about 2.2 inches long, according to London Facial Plastics Surgery.

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