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Calling your husband baby or honey is demonic, call him My lord – Pastor Emmanuel Okose advises women

Pastor Emmanuel Okose advises married women

Following his recent counsel to married women, a Nigerian pastor, Apostle Okose Emmanuel sparked emotions among social media users.

In the viral video, Apostle Emmanuel advised women to avoid using terms like “my darling,” “my baby,” while referring to their husbands.

He stated that the words were demonic and not scriptural.

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The pastor claimed that calling your husband “My Baby” is very improper and demonic. He claimed that it was the primary cause of modern husbands acting like babies.

He continued by telling married women that referring to their husbands as “My love,” “My baby,” or “My honey” makes them irresponsible.

You make him irresponsible by calling him ‘baby’

By extension, this causes them to act inappropriately and he supported his claims by saying, “Your prophecy is from your mouth.”

The pastor came to the conclusion that if a lady addresses her partner as “My lord,” then he will behave accordingly.

He would carry out his duties as the head of the household and provide for his family.

Netizens burst into fits of laughter upon stumbling on the video.

officialbobbyfredrick__: “We have only one lord and personal saviour n that’s Jesus n his name can’t be shared with any man sir.”

daddyfreeze: “They have come. Kuku pray in you husbands name.”

havilahdivas101: “Na only my pastor and 1 more Naim be real the rest these days r mumus.”

the_body_scientist_: “Demonic? These false prophets need to be cancelled.”

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Pastor Joseph Aborowa advises ladies against jobless men

Meanwhile, founder of Highland church, Pastor Joseph Aborowa publicly advised women not to attempt to marry a man with no job.

The clergyman announced this while he was delivering a sermon, enforcing that no lady should find excuses for a lazy man.

“Never marry a man who has no job. A man who is not working has no future,” he said.

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