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Controversial clergyman urges men to step aside if they can’t meet a woman’s needs

Controversial clergyman, Emmanuek Okose, took to social media to urge men to stay away from women if they can’t provide for them.

In a recent video shared on social media, the clergyman, previously known as Soul E, delivered his message. He advised men to refrain from pursuing relationships with women they cannot financially support.

According to him, women, who should not be burdened with the responsibility of self-sufficiency are compelled to work due to their partners’ financial instability.

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Having traveled extensively to 56 countries, he claimed to have gained insight into women’s desires, asserting that they do not aspire to work but instead desire to be cared for by a man.

Moreover, he argued that even if a woman possesses wealth, she still yearns for a man’s financial support.

Expanding on his viewpoint, Emmanuel encouraged men to release women from relationships if they are incapable of providing for their needs and instead pursue partners who are within their financial means.

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In the video currently trending online, it seemed the boyfriend had made arrangements with some people to assault him. 

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