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He abandoned us because he’s rich — Skit maker Kiriku’s alleged sister cries out in trending video

A young girl who claims to be popular skit maker Kiriku’s sister has called him out on social media for abandoning their family when he became rich and famous.

She claimed to be the first daughter of Kiriku’s mum and that she doesn’t know what the family did to him to warrant his dumping them for the past few years.

According to her, she should return home and buy their dad a car just as he did for Umbrella boy’s dad.

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Netizens react: shame no dey catch you?

Netizens did not find it funny with this ‘sister’. Somw were of the opinion that Kiriku was still too young to bear the responsibility of a family:

tokeh_grey: “So you want these baby to carry your family responsibilities and you don’t feel ashamed saying these on camera.”

hazeez_hakanji: “How old be the kiriku wa dey abandon una.”

itsrealmartini: “Your mother abandoned 7 years or 10years old baby, on what ground really?”

amb_oyedokun: “Wait… a 10 year old left you or your family is irresponsible to look after him.”

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Oga Sabinus weds Tomama in funny skit

Meanwhile, famous Nigerian skit makers, Sabinus and Tomama recently trended on social media over their latest comedy skit together.

In the skit, both of them were spotted doing their traditional marriage and of course in a way that made netizens laugh.

The video clips show the ‘couple’ frowning at each other as though they were forced into the marriage.

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