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I feel like poisoning him – Igbo woman reveals how alleged attack on Igbos is affecting her marriage to Yoruba man

An Igbo woman married to a Yoruba man revealed how negatively the claimed attacks on igbos in Lagos impacted their relationship.

You may recall that Sisi Yemmie, a prominent YouTube personality and chef from Nigeria, described how she and her husband were denied voting rights in the Lagos state governorship election because the thugs said they resembled Igbos.

Regrettably, the claimed attacks against Igbos in Abule-Ado and Abule-Osun in Ojo, Lagos State, continued after the election.

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An Igbo woman responded to the claimed abuse by saying that it caused her and her husband to argue.

She claimed that after speaking to her Yoruba husband harshly for the first time, she now worries that she might accidentally injure him.

She wants to divorce her husband

A Twitter user then advised her to divorce her husband, to which she replied, “I will, because I might end up poisoning him with the way I feel.”

In response to the woman’s outcry, many netizens expressed their opinion, noting that she was unwise for letting tribal differences get in the way of their marriage.

Smiling sailor wrote: “Divorce him and sell your Yoruba kids.”

Effytopa said: “Sorry. Poor guy paying for the sins of his people.”

Annie Ngozi commented: “Nnem please remain calm, this too shall pass ok. Peace and unity is better.”

Amosu Saheed added: “Divorce him and go and marry your fellow igbo, did he force you not to go.”

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Igbo to the world: Eastern Nigeria tradition goes viral on TikTok

Meanwhile, Nigeria is home to cultural diversity with cultures and traditions worthy of tourist attraction, and the Igbo culture is not left out.

One such tradition is the Ugo masquerade tradition that has gone viral on TikTok. The bird proposed to be the African Eagle is called Mmanwu Ugo.

It is said to be one of the most expensive masquerades and was showcased on social media via TikToker @queendest2

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