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Lecturer at IMSU slaps female student, video goes viral and he faces indefinite suspension

Dr. Desmond Izunwanne, a lecturer at Imo State University, Owerri, was indefinitely suspended for slapping a female student.

The video of the scene surfaced online and stood as a piece of strong evidence against him and a bad image for the school. Thus, the administration of the university had to take action to curb the reactions of netizens and the guardians of the students.

Ralph Njokuobi, a spokesman for the university, labeled the lecturer’s behaviour as “barbaric and unbecoming.”

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Is she not pregnant?

Dr. Desmond slapped the female student for not wearing the departmental uniform. He did this despite her claims that she had just returned from the hospital. Reports have said that she was pregnant at the time of the incident.

A three-person disciplinary committee was set up to deliberate on the matter before judgment was meted out. The statement reads:

“It has come to the notice of the Management of the Imo State University that the viral video circulating around the globe about the indecorous actions of a lecturer of the university, Dr. Desmond lzunwanne of the Physiology Department, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences of the Imo State University, Owerri, against four students of the university.

Management viewed the action of the lecturer as barbaric and unbecoming of such a person occupying that position. At the end of the management meeting held on Tuesday 2 May 2023, management approved the suspension of the lecturer, Dr Desmond lzunwanne, till further notice and has set up a three-man disciplinary committee to unravel the immediate and remote causes that led to his uncouth behaviour.

The university implored the general public and indeed all Human Rights Organisations to allow it conduct a proper investigation and recommend appropriate sanctions where necessary in line with the staff conditions of service.

Management will not accept any breach in the academic and moral standards expected of any lecturer irrespective of how highly he is placed in the university and sincerely believe in rules of engagement between lecturers and students. The University is on top of the game as it affects the matter under review. Thanks for your understanding and patience.”


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