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Meet London King: Elle King’s Mom and Rob Schneider’s Ex

London King, a former American model and actress, has redirected her professional pursuits to become a devoted childbirth educator. Notably recognised for her past union with the versatile actor, comedian, screenwriter, and director Rob Schneider, she has since embarked on a new path.

London King profile summary

Full nameLondon King
Date of birth27 September 1971
Age51 years
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of birthOhio, United States
Current residenceBrooklyn, New York, United States
Height5’4″ (162 cm)
parentsDavid and Paula
Marital statusRemarried
PartnerDavid Telsa
Former partnerRob Schneider
Children2 including Noah and Elle King
ProfessionModel, former actress, doula
Net worth$8 million

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London King career

London King
London King

London King, a former American model, embarked on her modelling career by appearing in various commercial advertisements. While her acting endeavours primarily involved supporting roles in lesser-known Hollywood movies, she managed to secure roles in a few notable films.

In the 2000 movie “A Better Way to Die,” she portrayed the character Cheryl. Additionally, she appeared in three other movies.

In the year 2003, she left the entertainment industry and decided to take on something else. Today, London has embraced a new and exhilarating profession as a doula. As a dedicated doula, she provides unwavering support, guidance, and affection to women throughout their pregnancy and childbirth journey.

London’s role as a doula extends beyond physical assistance; she educates both women and men on the intricacies of childbirth and equips them with coping mechanisms. This meaningful occupation allows her to be intimately involved in the journey of numerous children, right from their prenatal stages.

London’s impact as a doula is far-reaching, having supported numerous women in the miraculous process of bringing new life into the world. To provide further insights into this transformative journey, she maintains a website called “Push Love Doula.”

This platform serves as a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of childbirth and the profound support offered by doulas like London.

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London King movies

A better way to die
A better way to die

London King is known for acting in three movies which include;

A better way to die

“A Better Way to Die” is a 2000 action thriller film directed by Scott Wiper. The story follows a former Chicago cop, Boomer (played by Scott Wiper), who becomes entangled in a dangerous situation after witnessing a drug deal gone wrong. Boomer finds himself caught between corrupt cops and ruthless criminals. She played the character, Cheryl.

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The calling

“The Calling” is a 2002 thriller film directed by Richard Caesar. The story revolves around a woman named Joanna Hanlon (played by Laura Harris), who works as a university lecturer and has been haunted by nightmares about a serial killer.

When a series of murders resembling her dreams begin to occur in her town, Joanna becomes convinced that she has a psychic connection to the killer. London played the character of Ruby.

Raw fish

In this movie directed by Greg James and Ashoka Thomas, London King played Jade.

London King’s net worth

London King’s net worth is over $8 Million.

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London King family

London and her daughter, Elle King
London and her daughter, Elle King

Not much is known about London King and her family. Although, London King was born on 27 September 1971 in Ohio, United States. Her parents are David and Paula King. Her mother worked as a pharmacist at the Wellston pharmacy. London grew up with her brother, William Scott King.

London had become a mother at a young age. London had given her first child in August 1986, a son who was named Noah King.

Two years later, she met and fell in love with comedian and actor Rob Schneider. The Rob Schneider and London King’s relationship had taken off in three days. London King and Rob Schneider’s wedding was on September 1988 in Las Vegas.

Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider
Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and director. He is best known for his comedic roles in films and television shows. Schneider rose to prominence as a cast member on the popular sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” from 1990 to 1994, where he created memorable characters such as the “Copy Guy” and “The Richmeister.”

After leaving “Saturday Night Live,” Schneider transitioned to a successful film career. He starred in and co-wrote the comedy film “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” (1999) and its sequel “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” (2005).

Schneider has also appeared in numerous other comedies, including “The Hot Chick” (2002), “The Animal” (2001), “Grown Ups” (2010), and “The Waterboy” (1998), among others.

In addition to acting, Schneider has written and produced various projects. He has also made guest appearances on television shows such as “Real Rob” and “Rob,” which are based on his own life. Schneider continues to be active in the entertainment industry, working on both film and television projects.

Rob Schneider movies

Rob Schneider in Grown ups
Rob Schneider in Grown-ups

Rob Schneider has played various roles in movies throughout his career. Here are some notable roles portrayed by him:

  1. Deuce Bigalow in “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” (1999) and “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” (2005)
  2. Marvin Mange in “The Animal” (2001)
  3. Salim Abdul Rahim in “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” (2008)
  4. Chuck Levine in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” (2007)
  5. Nazo in “Big Stan” (2007)
  6. Delivery Guy in “Mr Deeds” (2002)
  7. Gus in “Grown Ups” (2010) and “Grown Ups 2” (2013)
  8. Sal in “Knocked Up” (2007)
  9. Richie in “Little Nicky” (2000)

These are just a selection of Rob Schneider’s roles in movies. He has displayed versatility in both comedic and supporting roles, contributing to the humour and entertainment value of the films he appears in.

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Rob Schneider relationships

Rob Schneider and Patricia
Rob Schneider and Patricia

Rob Schneider has been married multiple times throughout his life. His first marriage was to London King, a former model and actress, in 1988. They have one daughter together, singer-songwriter Elle King. Schneider and London King divorced in 1990.

After his divorce from London King, Schneider married Mexican television producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce in 2011. They have two daughters together named Miranda Scarlett Schneider and Madeline Robbie Schneider.

Schneider’s relationships and personal life have not been extensively covered in the media, and details beyond his marriages are less publicly known.


Elle King

Elle King
Elle King

Elle King, whose full name is Tanner Elle Schneider, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. She was born on July 3, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Elle King is known for her unique blend of rock, blues, country, and soul music styles, characterized by her powerful vocals and heartfelt songwriting.

Elle King gained widespread recognition with her breakthrough single “Ex’s & Oh’s” in 2014, which earned her two Grammy Award nominations. The song became a major hit, reaching the top of the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Her debut album, “Love Stuff,” was released in 2015 and received critical acclaim.

Throughout her career, Elle King has released several successful singles and albums, including “America’s Sweetheart,” “Shame,” and “Different for Girls.” Her music often incorporates personal experiences, emotions, and strong storytelling elements.

In addition to her musical achievements, Elle King has toured extensively, captivating audiences with her energetic performances. She continues to make music and is recognized as a talented and versatile artist in the contemporary music scene.

London King age

London King is 57 years old.

London King height

London King is measured at 5’4.

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Despite having a brief acting career and experiencing several ups and downs in the entertainment world, London King eventually emerged and is exceeding in another field. Although her union with Rob Schneider was short-lived, what matters is the happiness and satisfaction each party has with their new lives


Who is London King?

London King is a former model and actress. She is the ex-wife of Rob Schneider. Now, London strives as a doula.

How old was London King when she married Rob Schneider?

London King married Rob Schneider in 1998 and she was 18 at that point. Rob was 25 years old.

What does London King do for a living?

London King is now a doula who assists in childbirth.

Does Rob Schneider have a relationship with Elle King?

Yes, Rob Schneider is the father of singer-songwriter Elle King. Elle King, whose full name is Tanner Elle Schneider, is the daughter of Rob Schneider and his former wife, London King. Elle King has gained recognition for her music career, known for hits such as “Ex’s & Oh’s” and “America’s Sweetheart.”

What did London King play in?

She played in three movies- Raw Fish, A better way to Die and the calling.

Does Elle King have a baby?

After her battle with infertility and pregnancy complications due to polycystic ovary syndrome, The vocalist, Elle King welcomed her son into the world with fiancé Dan Tooker in September of 2021.

Who is Rob Schneider married to now?

Rob Schneider is married to television producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce. They got married in 2011.

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