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E choke me: Man catches fiancee doing hookup few weeks to their traditional marriage

A man’s heart was shattered to pieces when he discovered his fiancee, who he planned a traditional marriage with in April, was a runs girl.

In a Tiktok video posted by one @Soniaolauzoma, the husband-to-be lamented that he decided to test his fiancee, who he will marry soon, but unfortunately found out that she is still ‘on the streets.’

“This lady is someone I intended to marry to, infact our traditional wedding has been fixed for Easter. Omo E choke me, me self no know she dey do hookup,” he complained bitterly.

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According to @Soniaolauzoma, who was employed to test the lady’s loyalty. She communicated with the man’s fiancee for two weeks, informing her tha man was willing to pay her extra cash if she was interested in hooking up with the man.

Fiancee caught a hotel few weeks before wedding

Interestingly, the fiance, who is a Benin girl, agreed and booked an appointment for the time they did the video.

The wife-to-be also communicated with @Soniaolauzoma on the phone, informing her that she would be at the hotel soon.

Shockingly, the lady arrived intending to hook up with the man, unaware that it was a trap to test her loyalty. She got the shock of her life when she discovered she was tested and failed woefully.

She immediately went on her knees, crying profusely, begging her man and cursing out the lady who organized the test.

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Nigerian man catches fiancee doing runs girl in a hotel

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man living in Turkey caught his fiancee doing runs girl in a hotel.

The man was planning to marry his fiancee in February, but his heart was crushed in January.

The video clip of the entire drama was shared on Facebook by video creator Sonia, who arranged the loyalty test between the two lovers.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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