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I need more wives! – Man practicing polygamy with eight wives, seven concubines and 107 children.

Despite having 8 wives, 7 concubines, and 107 children, a man practising polygamy shared that he would take on more wives and explained why.

In a documentary by Afrimax, 63 year old David Kalukhana who lives in Teresia village, Kakamega County, shared why he chose the path of polygamy and how he has been coping.

Mr. Kalukhana wed for the first time in 1987, but thought he needed additional wives, so he continued to wed others.

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He claimed that when he wed his first wife, she was unfit to be his partner, therefore he had to look further.

“A head like mine cannot be managed by one woman. It is like a big sack of maize which has to be divided into smaller parts for ease of movement. I need many wives so that they can manage the amount of brains and ideas in my head. I am too smart for one wife,” Mr Kalukhana said.

He’s a genius

In addition to farming, Mr. Kalukhana disclosed the mundane chores he performs to support himself, such as gardening work and erecting stone walls for neighbors.

The wives, who are of varying ages, prepare meals together, eat meals together, and share meals. They divide up domestic duties and give their husband royal treatment.

He made it very apparent that he does not believe in religion and that he can live my life without anyone’s help because he is a genius.

One of his wives was interviewed, and she claimed that her husband is dependable and has consistently tried to make them happy. She praised his prowess in the bedroom and said that he is a powerful man.

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Actress Uche Nnanna declares support for May Edochie, slams polygamy

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Uche Nnanna declared support for May Edochie concerning the polygamy scandal hovering over her home.

In reaction to the Yul-May-Judy drama, Uche openly condemned polygamy and shared that she did not wish it on her worst enemy.

On her Instagram page, the actress reposted May’s response to Yul’s apology for taking a second wife.