Home Entertainment Mission impossible: Nigerian man pulls unbelievable stunt with crates of eggs

Mission impossible: Nigerian man pulls unbelievable stunt with crates of eggs

Nigerian man performs unbelievable stunt
Nigerian man performs unbelievable stunt

Netizens were in shock after watching the viral video of a Nigerian man who walked on eggs without breaking any.

Knowing how fragile eggs are, the video raised many suspicions in the hearts of many social media users. In fact, more than being in shock, many began to doubt if eggs had ever been fragile.

After people watched the video, they put into consideration the weight of the man and the obvious fact that he was a grown man. This was the primary reason for their disbelief.

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Benin people don come again

The Nigerian man in the video loaded some crates of eggs in a van. It appeared the eggs were to be sent on delivery to the consumer.

He stacked the eggs in a form of a ladder and climbed on each to go higher to stack more crates of eggs and arrange them. He broke the laws of science!

Netizens could not keep their calm but flooded the comment section with varying comments. Some of them read:

@mufasatundeednut: “My question is, why is the egg not breaking?”

@papiijameh: “He doesn’t have the anointing that breaks yoke.”

@classy_jesters: “It’s called Synthosis Equilibrium Balancing, the yolk was that and walk you car but end now egg break on crate and friction balance end book.”

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Why I want to marry a Nigerian man

In other news, famous Cameroonian musician, Wamba Kuegou Sabrina Ruth, better known as Sabrina, revealed her love for Nigerian men, especially those residing in Lagos.

The 22-year-old, in a conversation with Kemi Filani, disclosed reasons why she could someday marry a Nigerian man.

According to her, Lagos is a beautiful place where she finds a mix of Douala Cameron and London, adding that it’s a state where you have to hustle your way to success.

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