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My mother ruined my life: Nigerian lady shares her touching story

My mother ruined my life: Nigerian lady shares her touching story | Battabox.com

A Nigerian lady claimed that her mother caused trauma in her childhood and ruined her life.

The lady revealed in a TikTok video how her upbringing led to her current troubled relationship.

The young lady claimed in the video that she started crying after a serious argument with her mother about the abuse she endured as a child.

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She claimed that as a child, she had endured severe beatings.

They treated me like an adult as a child

She narrated how, despite only being a child, they (her parents) treated her like an adult.

She said: 

“They treated me like an adult when I was a child. I took care of my siblings, bathed and took them to school. “I raised my siblings as of 10 years old.” 

The Nigerian lady, who left home at the age of 17, expressed regret that her younger sister is still being treated unfairly. 

She mentioned how her father beat her till blood was on her body.

In her words:

“My dad would not stop beating me until there was blood on my body. I have forgiven him but I can’t forget.” 

Reactions: This thing dey happen everywhere

The touching story of the Nigerian lady gained reactions from Netizens. While some shared their experience others expressed their displeasure with the actions of her parents.

@tclassic: All this is a normal thing in all African expecialy NIGERIA….we all went through this and we don’t hate our parents for it…

@Fabbie Maurice: I hated taking care of my siblings at 12 years like, waking up early like at 4 am to make breakfast, bathe them, make dinner after school ?

@Mary O Akparanta: I’m so sorry sis. Praying for your healing. ❤️?

@Fiercequeen: Omg this is crazy cus feel like we all have go through this. And it has affected us to the point we let it on others we love. 

@Asa Obodo oyibo: Same thing with my mum, but now I understand why, she wasn’t loved either, and she can’t give what she doesn’t have, I have also forgiven her


I’m praying for every traumatized African child out there: #fyp#tw #healingprocess

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