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Naira notes in the mud: Pastor slams church members for giving low denominations

Naira notes in the mud: Pastor slams church members for giving low denominations| Battabox.com

An unidentified Igbo pastor was angry at his church members because of the Naira denominations they paid for offering.

In the video, the pastor was seen in the video angrily scolding his members for paying N100 and N20 as an offering.

According to him, the church buys 20 litres of fuel for church service yet the members were paying such a ridiculously low amount.

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The pastor, who was wearing a white garment, was certainly displeased at the act of his members.

Is he a baby, is he begging you?

In the viral video, the man of God told his members that the cause of them not being blessed was because they ridicule God with the amount of money they dropped in church.

The pastor asked his church members if God was a begging baby.

He stretched out his arms and bluntly said

Shame to you for giving God #100

Reactions: Nothing is too big or small

As expected, the video sparked reactions on the internet. See some of the comments below:

@obainomuzik said: “If na me I will go there and collect the 100 naira dey go house.”

@mbonujoyce said: “How can you go to church with #100 if you don’t have is not by force but if aso ebi come now money go come out.”

@Prince Kenny said: “Why Unar Dey Make This Pastor Vex Now? Make Unar Try Dey Put Better Money What Do I Even Know? As Nothing Is Too Big OR Small For The Lord.”


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Paying tithes with sports betting money is a bribe before God

Mike Bamiloye, a well-known Nigerian televangelist, slammed Nigerians for paying tithe from money made from bets.

He said the money gotten from sports betting is like a bribe and a way to appease God for their wrongful act.

Bamiloye made this claim via an Instagram post where he wondered why some Christians think they can appease God, blindfold him with gains of betting.

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