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Netizens amused by 2-in-1 sneakers design showcased in viral video

Netizens were captivated by the new type of sneakers – the sneaker-work shoe hybrid. In recent years, sneaker culture exploded, with enthusiasts and collectors constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest kicks.

A video shared by @hypelebscg, showcased these interesting kicks, went viral online, leaving viewers amused by the design and functionality of these new shoes.

These shoes, designed to be both stylish and functional for those who work on their feet all day, have garnered attention for their unique design and practicality.

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Some interesting kicks for sure

The shoes featured a square-tipped design in front and the other half, which shows when the wearer lifts their pants, is a sneaker design.

Astonished by this new invention, netizens took to the comment section to air their thoughts on the new sneakers.

Below are some of the comments:

@hypelabscg: “Some interesting kicks for sure.”

@ad.m.88: “That’s good for a person who works in a restaurant.”

@aliahossamh5: “Why do they look like the weekend.”

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Uche Jombo calls out Chioma Akpotha, advices netizens not to do good

In other news, Nollywood actress Uche Jombo spoke out against Chioma Akpotha, one of her closest friends and colleague.

Uche sent a warning to her followers on Instagram about the need to avoid becoming overly compassionate.

She claimed that in order to relieve Chioma Akpotha’s stress from the Gangs of Lagos media and press tours, she had given her a day at the spa.

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