Home Entertainment A piece of chalk: Suspicious Nigerian mother questions teaching style

A piece of chalk: Suspicious Nigerian mother questions teaching style

Suspicious Nigerian mother questions teaching style |Battabox.com

A Nigerian teacher’s practical teaching style recently won over one of her student’s parents at her school.

The mother had grown suspicious and concerned about her young daughter, who always brought home a specific short piece of chalk from school.

When questioned, the young girl did not allow anyone to touch the chalk and said that her teacher gave it to her.

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We need more practical teachers

The mother decided to go to her daughter’s school to share her story. She learned that the teacher had been trying to teach the young girl how to be safe.

The young girl diligently followed the teacher’s instructions to ensure no one took her chalk away.

Dexterouz11, the person that shared the story on Twitter, said: 

“The woman traced the teacher to school and the teacher said it was her way of teaching the kids how to be careful with things. The woman was so impressed. We need more practical teachers.” 

See the post below: 

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Cute video shows a lovely teacher dancing with students

Meanwhile, it was reported that a teacher who was writing on the board suddenly started to cough like Kizz Daniel

The cough turned to dance as her pupils stood up from their chairs and joined her at the front of the class.

The children and lady formed a line and began to dance energetically. In less than a minute, the clip was posted, and netizens poured into the comment section.

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