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No girl really loves you without money: Nigerian man pranks fiancee, cancels wedding

Nigerian man pranks fiancee |Battabox.com
Nigerian man pranks fiancee

A Nigerian young man has pranked his fiancee to better decide if she is wife material but got the shock of his life.

Nigerian men are now smarter in deciding if a woman is worthy of being a wife. Olive, a young man, decided to prank his fiancee, whom he would marry in a few weeks.

In a trending video on TikTok, Olive, with the support of his mother and @lenzichristain, a social media personality, tested his wife-to-be by telling her that he lost his job and money.

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First, Olive called his fiancee to meet him at a location, informing her, that he had something important to share with her.

I can’t marry a poor man- Olive’s fiancee yells at him

The worried fiancee ran to the location to find out the issue. On getting there, Olive was standing with his mother, lied that he was now broke and had lost his job.

The young woman immediately started ranting and complaining. She told Olive’s mother that she would never settle with a man who has nothing.

The lady referred to her friend’s wedding, adding that her skin can’t go through any suffering. She yelled at her man, who begged her to stay. The cameraman came out of his hiding and explained it was a prank.

The young lady immediately burst into tears and begged her man and his mother for forgiveness; however, they didn’t listen to her pleas.

Reactions: Friends don destroy her life

The lady’s attitude towards her man had a lot of netizens shaking their heads. While many complained that the man did a prank a few weeks before his wedding.

Others focused more on his fiancee’s reaction, who compared her upcoming wedding to her friend’s. See some comments below;

@dino eva: Make ur friends maintain ur skin for u

@Kelvin Ricch: Omo I come to realize that love is there but it’s just because of the money no girl really love you without money

@Socute Taofeek: She doesn’t deserve the guy at all for his mother to come with him

@Augustina Yohanna: camera man ejor no vex zoom d skin biko???

@Violet Gowon: you dey play prank few weeks to your wedding… dey play ???

@Ayamwaog Iddrisu: She is thinking about what her friends will say

@rukkyrose: Friends don destroy are life

@gennybunn22: which skin dey fresh

@officialtreasurediva: ???

@King perry: This one na denied ??????

@user8407450728825: Even if you intend leaving the relationship due to financial incapacitation. you dont make obvious in the presence of his mom, calming down babe


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Man catches fiancee doing hookup few weeks to wedding

Meanwhile, a man’s heart was shattered to pieces when he discovered his fiancee, who he planned a traditional marriage with in April, was a runs girl.

In a Tiktok video posted by one @Soniaolauzoma, the husband-to-be lamented that he decided to test his fiancee, who he will marry soon, but unfortunately found out that she is still ‘on the streets.’

“This lady is someone I intended to marry to, infact our traditional wedding has been fixed for Easter. Omo E choke me, me self no know she dey do hookup,” he complained bitterly.

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