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Papaya Ex’s boyfriend Toblad drags her for allegedly sending soldiers to beat him up (Video)

Popular social media influencer, Papaya Ex has been involved in yet another blistering scandal after her alleged ex-boyfriend dragged her affairs online.

The alleged boyfriend, Toblad has gone online to drag her for having some soldier men to beat him up after they had issues in their relationship.

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He stated that he had dated the young influencer for two years and things were going smoothly as he was spending lavishly on her to maintain her lifestyle.

He claimed he sponsored some of her trips abroad and even planned on changing her car for her.

They had gone to a car dealer to acquire a Mercedes Benz ML350 2014 which the dealer had said was worth about nine million naira.

Although he had offered to pay some part of the cash so she that she pays the remaining with time, Papaya had insisted and made full payment.

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Toblad said that when Papaya had returned from a trip to Ghana where she had supposedly gone to see a man, she had changed her mind about buying the car.

But at the time, the car dealer told them that they cannot have it back, so she started giving him some attitude and refused replying some of his messages.

More altercations eventually led to her sending soldiers to rough him up.

Toblad keeps coming up with more details of his time with Papaya Ex