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Robin Tunney Biography: Age, Net Worth, Career, Movies, and TV Shows

Robin Tunney is an accomplished actress known for her roles in shows like The Mentalist and The Craft and Prison Break.

Robin Tunney at the premiere
Robin Tunney

This article discusses the complete biography of Robin Tunney, including details about her early life, career, movies, family, net worth, and so much more.

Read on to know everything about Robin Tunney.

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Robin Tunney Profile Summary

NameRobin Tunney
Date of birth19th June 1972
Age47 years old
Place of birthChicago, Illinois, USA
Zodiac signGemini
SiblingsSusan & Patrick
PartnerNicky Marmet
Height5 ft 4 in
Weight57 kgs
Eye colourGreen
Natural hair colourDark brown
Net worth$8 million
Robin Tunney’s profile summary

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Who Is Robin Tunney?

Robin Tunney, born on June 19, 1972, in the vibrant city of Chicago, is a celebrated American actress whose talent has graced both the big and small screens. Her journey into the world of acting began with formal training at the Chicago Academy for the Arts before she set her sights on Los Angeles, where dreams are woven into reality.

Starting with humble roles in TV shows like “Life Goes On” (1989) and “Class of ’96” (1993), Tunney made her film debut in the comedy “Encino Man” (1992).

However, it was in 1995 that she truly caught the spotlight with her breakthrough performance in the cult classic “Empire Records.” The following year, she enchanted audiences in the horror-fantasy film “The Craft,” a commercial and critical triumph.

In 1997, Tunney’s acting prowess earned her the prestigious Volpi Cup for Best Actress for her role in “Niagara, Niagara.” Undeterred by the boundaries of the medium, she seamlessly transitioned between film and TV, leaving her mark in projects like “End of Days” (1999), “Supernova” (2000), and “Vertical Limit” (2000).

Tunney’s television journey included notable appearances in “Law & Order” (1990–1992) and “Prison Break” (2005–2006).

The pinnacle of Tunney’s career arrived in 2008 when she assumed the lead role of Teresa Lisbon in the acclaimed TV series “The Mentalist,” a character that resonated with audiences for seven successful seasons. Her stellar portrayal garnered numerous award nominations, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the industry.

Post-“The Mentalist,” Tunney continued to captivate audiences on both screens, showcasing her talent in films such as “The Fix” (2019) and “The Craft: Legacy” (2020). Television also welcomed her back with roles in “Red Widow” (2013) and “The Fix” (2019).

Renowned for her versatility and the depth she brings to her characters, Tunney stands as a respected figure in the entertainment realm. Her ability to breathe life into complex roles ensures that her presence in the industry will endure for years to come.

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Early Life and Biography

A portrait image of Robin Tunney in a black dress
Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney, born into the heartbeat of Chicago on June 19, 1972, is the product of the union between Patrick Tunney, a car salesman, and Cathy Tunney, a bartender.

Her roots trace back to Ireland, with her father hailing from Straide, County Mayo, and her maternal grandparents originating from Clare Island.

Tunney’s childhood unfolded in the southwest suburb of Chicago, Orland Park, where she attended Saint Ignatius College Prep and the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

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How Old is Robin Tunney?

Robin Tunney was born in 1972. She is 47 years old.

Robin Tunney Career

Embarking on her journey in the early 1990s, Tunney dipped her toes into acting with modest roles in TV shows like “Life Goes On” (1989), “Class of ’96” (1993), and “Law & Order” (1990–1992). The comedy “Encino Man” (1992) marked her initial foray into film.

The turning point arrived in 1995 with Tunney’s standout performance in the cult classic “Empire Records.” Following this, she enchanted audiences in the horror-fantasy realm with the success of “The Craft” (1996). Recognition for her talent reached new heights in 1997 when she clinched the Volpi Cup for Best Actress for her role in “Niagara, Niagara.”

The journey through the 1990s and 2000s saw Tunney’s continued success in both film and television, with notable appearances in “End of Days” (1999), “Supernova” (2000), and “Vertical Limit” (2000). Television audiences embraced her in recurring roles on “Prison Break” (2005–2006) and the long-running hit “The Mentalist” (2008–2015).

The zenith of Tunney’s career came with her portrayal of Teresa Lisbon in “The Mentalist” in 2008. The show’s seven-season run earned her numerous award nominations, including a nod for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama.

Post-“The Mentalist,” Tunney’s star continued to shine in both film and television, with credits in “The Fix” (2019) and “The Craft: Legacy” (2020). Her commitment to the small screen included roles in “Red Widow” (2013) and “The Fix” (2019).

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Tunney’s accolades include the Volpi Cup for Best Actress and nominations for the Golden Globe Award and the Primetime Emmy Award. However, her success is not confined to the screen; she is an avid supporter of the Innocence Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to righting the wrongs of wrongful convictions.

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Robin Tunney Movies and TV Shows

Movie/TV ShowYearRole
Encino Man1992Mel
Empire Records1995Andrea ‘Andy’ Suede
The Craft1996Sarah Bailey
Niagara, Niagara1997Mercy Falls
Lefty1998Lefty Montgomery
End of Days1999Christine York
Vertical Limit2000Annie Garrett
The Run of the Country2000Beth
The Good Girl2002Justine
13 Going on 302004Wendy
The House of D2004Heather
Runaway Jury2003Rachel
Five Fingers2006Theia
Prison Break2005–2006Veronica Donovan
The Riches2007–2008Dahlia Malloy
The Mentalist2008–2015Teresa Lisbon
Red Widow2013Marta Walraven
The Fix2019Maya Travis
The Craft: Legacy2020Lily Schechner
Robin Tunney’s movies and TV Shows

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Robin Tunney Credits, Awards and Nominations

Robin Tunney wearing a maroon shirt
Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney, an esteemed American actress, has etched her name in the entertainment industry over a remarkable career spanning more than three decades. Her journey has been adorned with accolades, reflecting her prowess on both the big and small screens.

Awards and Recognitions have been plentiful in Tunney’s trajectory:

  • Volpi Cup for Best Actress (1997): Tunney’s stellar performance in “Niagara, Niagara” earned her this prestigious award, showcasing her early prowess.
  • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (2009-2013): Tunney’s portrayal of Teresa Lisbon in “The Mentalist” consistently garnered Emmy nominations, a testament to her sustained excellence.
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama (2009-2012): Tunney’s portrayal of Teresa Lisbon in “The Mentalist” was not only Emmy-worthy but also Golden Globe-worthy, as she graced the nominations multiple times.
  • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series (2009-2013): Tunney’s performances in “The Mentalist” left an indelible mark, earning her recognition from her peers in the industry.
  • Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead (1999): Tunney’s role in “Niagara, Niagara” was not just acknowledged at the Volpi Cup; it also garnered recognition from the Independent Spirit Awards.
  • Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film (2010-2013): Tunney’s work in “The Mentalist” continued to be celebrated with Satellite Award nominations, highlighting her nuanced performance.

Tunney’s Filmography is a testament to her versatility:

  • Empire Records (1995): Tunney brought life to the character of Andrea ‘Andy’ Suede in this cult classic, showcasing her early on-screen charm.
  • The Craft (1996): Her role as Sarah Bailey in this horror-fantasy film solidified Tunney as a recognizable face in the industry.
  • Niagara, Niagara (1997): Tunney’s compelling portrayal of Mercy Falls earned her not only critical acclaim but also an Independent Spirit Award.
  • End of Days (1999), Supernova (2000), Vertical Limit (2000): Tunney continued to make her mark in diverse roles in these big-screen productions.
  • Runaway Jury (2003), Paparazzi (2004), 13 Going on 30 (2004): Tunney showcased her acting range in these films, tackling various genres with finesse.
  • The Craft: Legacy (2020): Tunney returned to “The Craft” franchise, portraying Lily Schechner, adding another layer to her rich filmography.

On the Small Screen, Tunney has left an indelible mark:

  • Life Goes On (1989): Early in her career, Tunney appeared in this TV series, showcasing her acting talent.
  • Law & Order (1990–1992): Tunney’s presence in this iconic legal drama added to her growing repertoire.
  • Prison Break (2005–2006): Tunney took on the role of Veronica Donovan, contributing to the success of this popular series.
  • The Riches (2007–2008): Tunney’s versatility shone in her portrayal of Dahlia Malloy in this dark comedy-drama.
  • The Mentalist (2008–2015): The role of Teresa Lisbon became Tunney’s hallmark, earning her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.
  • Red Widow (2013): Tunney added depth to her TV roles with her portrayal of Marta Walraven.
  • The Fix (2019): Tunney continued to captivate audiences in the legal drama series, playing the role of Maya Travis.

Beyond her on-screen achievements, Tunney’s personal life adds a human touch to her narrative. Her partnership with interior designer Nicky Marmet has brought forth two children, grounding her in the joys of family life.

Additionally, Tunney’s support for the Innocence Project showcases her commitment to social causes beyond the glitz of Hollywood.

Robin Tunney’s remarkable journey, marked by talent, recognition, and a commitment to social causes, paints a portrait of an actress whose impact extends beyond the screen. Her story is not just one of Hollywood success but also of a person deeply connected to her craft and the world around her.

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Robin Tunney Family

Robin Tunney sitting with her husband, son and a dog
Robin Tunney with her husband, Nick Marmet and her son

In her personal life, Tunney has found a partnership with interior designer Nicky Marmet, and together, they navigate the joys of parenthood with their two children.

Robin Tunney stands not only as a talent in the entertainment industry but also as a compassionate advocate for justice and the innocent.

Robin Tunney’s Net Worth

Robin Tunney has an estimated net worth of 8 million USD.

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Robin Tunney Instagram

Click here to access Robin Tunney’s Instagram account.

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Robin Tunney is the epitome of a successful and versatile actress who has captivated audiences with her captivating performances in both films and television shows for over three decades.

Her rise to stardom began with her breakthrough roles in the cult classics “Empire Records” and “The Craft,” further solidified by her critically acclaimed performance in “Niagara, Niagara,” which earned her the Volpi Cup for Best Actress.

Tunney’s remarkable talent shines through in her diverse range of roles, from the action-packed “Vertical Limit” to the heartwarming “13 Going on 30.” She seamlessly transitions from dramatic thrillers like “Runaway Jury” to comedic gems like “Paparazzi,” showcasing her versatility and captivating screen presence.

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What happened to Robin Tunney of The Mentalist?

Since bidding farewell to “The Mentalist” in 2015, Robin Tunney has kept the entertainment industry abuzz with her dynamic presence, showcasing a range that captivates audiences in both film and television.
In 2019, Tunney took centre stage in the legal drama series “The Fix,” embodying the character of Maya Travis, a former prosecutor navigating a career resurgence as a defence attorney following a personal tragedy. Despite the show’s brief run, Tunney’s on-screen prowess was unmistakable, as she effortlessly commanded attention and delivered performances that resonated with viewers.
The year 2020 saw Tunney reprising her role as Lily Schechner in “The Craft: Legacy,” the sequel to the beloved cult classic. Tunney’s character took on the role of mentor to the new generation of witches, adding depth to the film’s exploration of themes like female empowerment and the mystique of witchcraft.
Beyond her acting ventures, Tunney ventured into the world of podcasting. Co-hosting the comedic interview podcast “Unladylike” with actress Jessica St. Clair, Tunney brings a lighthearted and humorous perspective to discussions about life, relationships, and the unique challenges women face today.
In the present, Robin Tunney remains passionately committed to her craft, eagerly embracing new acting opportunities and exploring diverse horizons. Her dedication to storytelling, coupled with her genuine ability to connect with audiences, propels her forward, ensuring that her name continues to be synonymous with captivating performances and enduring talent. As Tunney gracefully navigates the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, her narrative remains one of resilience, growth, and an unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling.

Did Robin Tunney date Simon Baker?

No, they had good on-screen chemistry, and that was it.

How old is Robin Tunney now?

She is 47 years old.

When did Robin Tunney have her first baby?

Robin Tunney welcomed her first child, son Oscar Holly Marmet, with her partner Nicky Marmet on June 7, 2016

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