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Your head is not correct: Nigerian woman advises wives to stay with cheating husbands

Your head is not correct: Nigerian woman advises wives to stay with cheating husbands | Battabox.com

A Nigerian woman has chastised married women who file for divorce because their husbands cheated on them.

In a viral video online, the woman advised women to be more forgiving towards their husbands when they apologize for cheating on them.

She spoke in the indigenous language, Yoruba, and emphasized that cheating is not enough to end a marriage.

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He cheated with badly behaved children

According to her, married men cheat with badly behaved children, which isn’t enough reason to move out.

She also stated that women own their homes and should easily forgive their husbands after an apology.

So because your husband engaged in small cheating you say you are moving out of his house. Your friend is telling ”No you just have to leave’. Your head is not correct. Your husband cheated with badly behaved children outside and because of that you decide to move out? Don’t you know you are the one that one who owns your home. If you get angry a bit and he begs you, let it end there,” she said.

Reactions: Yorubas always welcome a second wife

The video of the woman gained mixed reactions from netizens, while some supported her claim, others felt her advice was useless.

@elegant_cherry_morgan: Hmmm! Different strokes for different folks. Prayerfully follow your heart always!

@onome_myown: To d Yoruba’s it’s a way of life, always open to welcome a second wife.

@mojadesola_ola: Why would you leave your cheating husband? Why? Just why? When you can fast and pray for him ?‍♀️ by the time you fast for 150 days of Dry fasting and you look so unkept and unhealthy God will now open your eyes to see the reality but before then please keep fasting and praying and when he comes home with HIV you will also fast about that maybe extra 50days?

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Couple set to divorce after daughter lied that father has a girlfriend

In another story, a woman shared an emotional story regarding her divorce proceedings with her husband.

The couple were gone far into the divorce proceedings before discovering that the accusation by their 7-year-old daughter was a lie.

The daughter accused the father because he grounded her as punishment for something she did. The man refused to forgive his wife for believing her 7-year-old daughter over him.

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