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3 Point Slinger for Camera

You’ll see famous YouTubers riding their bikes with a 3-point slinger for a camera carried tight on their backs. The stuffed shoulder belt makes it a comfy way to carry heftier cameras too.

3 point slinger for camera

When you have something worth photographing or videoing, you can pull the 3-point slinger around to the front of your body and lift the camera to your face. A 3-point slinger is normally fixed to the root of the camera via a 3/4″ screw right inside the hole, normally kept for a tripod base plate.

3-Point Slingers for Camera Users in 2023

BlackRapid Camera Slings: Best Quality for Most Photographers

Blackrapid makes a variety of different 3-point slinger camera bands for action sports photographers and anybody that chooses them for a normal shoulder strap.

3 point slinger for camera
The black rapid camera slings

BlackRapid denotes them as ‘camera slings’, tagging them as one of the easiest camera straps you can find out there. The important advantage is that the pad remains on your shoulder, and the camera glides along the sling, up to your face.

The 3 main types of BlackRapid 3-point slinger for the camera are:

  • BlackRapid Breathe Sport (review)
  • BlackRapid Curve Breathe (review)
  • BlackRapid Double Breathe (review)

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Altura Photo Camera Strap | Alternate Budget 3-Point Slinger

Popular for making brilliant and affordable camera slings, Altura also makes a great 3-point slinger for camera fans – also amazingly affordable. A 3-point slinger is flawless for carrying a camera during activities such as mountain climbing, cycling and even brisk walking, and the Altura is a really less costly way to get involved.

3 point slinger for camera
Altura photo camera strap

The Altura shoulder strap also has a useful concealed storage pouch with a zip-up pocket for keeping away your extra memory cards, batteries and chewing gum. It also has an anti-slip auxiliary under the major shoulder pad. This means that the strap and your camera do not go out of place even if you’re going around.

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Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap | Best Budget Slinger

Suppose you can not afford the price tag of the BlackRapid 3-point slinger for camera options. This Waka Rapid is the next best thing to look at. It is also good value for money at a portion of the price of the above-mentioned camera straps.

One-of-a-kind quality includes a storage pouch on the pad, useful for storing memory cards and a spare battery or two. It also has a front fast-adjustment pull clip which lets you quickly shorten or lengthen the camera strap to what you need.

The pad also has anti-slip padding, similar to the BlackRapid straps. Even though the cost is too good to be true, a lot of positive appraisal shows that this is a 3-point slinger for a camera strap that’s worth your hard-earned money.

Worth money – BlackRapid Sport X Coyote

BlackRapid Sport X Coyote is quick, dependable, and comfy access to your camera. It is particularly designed for putting on your left shoulder in a way that your camera is always set at your right hip. 

The worth money black rapid coyote

Asides from this, it has front and back sliding Cam-Locks on Nylon netting that keeps the camera in place by the hip. It also has removable underhand stabilizer clip locks on both ends.

You can continue with whatever you are doing without thinking about your strap. As BlackRapid Sport X Coyote easily mugs your shoulder by dispersing the weight of your camera at the same time.

Universal belt – Ocim camera sling strap

If you are not convinced about the BlackRapid 3-point slingers for the camera, this could be the next best choice. This fast-release slinger by Ocim is general as it fits both people of all genders. This can totally be worth your hard-earned money as it comes with solidified and broadened shoulder strap with an underhand strap. 

3 point slinger for camera

This 3-point slinger aids in letting your shoulder pad remain on your shoulder. It has a strong metal hook that gives it resilience and safety for your expensive cameras and keeps them from dropping.

You can suspend your cameras more comfortably by correcting the shoulder strap’s length to the body’s length. Ocim camera strap fits with any DSLR, Canon, or Nikon Camera with a standard ¼” tripod stud screw.

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Colourful strap – USA GEAR TrueSHOT

This USA GEAR TrueSHOT has a somewhat unalike method to the 3-point slinger for the camera. It has a one-of-a-kind and sleeky style matched with southwest designs.

3 point slinger for camera
Beautiful picture of the colourful strap

It has a quality padded USA Gear Neoprene camera strap. This strap gives aid and toughness to your shoulder without any distress. Its one-of-a-kind design essentially shares the weight of heavy cameras across both shoulders.

This camera strap is for all kinds of photographers as it has quick-release clips to make removal less stressful. With this slinger strap, you can move around with your camera as well as other accessories like batteries or memory cards in a pocket. This pocket has an adaptable neoprene design. It can hold a DSLR/mirrorless camera and mounted lens easily.

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How to Use a 3-Point Slinger for a Camera

Affixing and making use of a 3-point slinger with your camera is fairly clear-cut. Whether you’re using a double camera sling, just like an expert movie photographer, or a one-shoulder slinger, the process is not different.

  • Place the strap over your head with the pad relaxing on your non-prevailing shoulder
  • Screw the bottom accessory into the base of your camera
  • Lock the buckle beneath your shoulder and correct the strap to tense it to a length that’s tight but comfy
  • Correct the major strap length
  • If there’s an extra safety strap, affix it to the carabiner or to another loop on your camera.

Benefits of Using 3-Point Camera Slingers

If you have been using a 3-point slinger for the camera for a while, we are sure that you will be delighted with its performance so far. You might also own a number of other camera straps which you can rotate depending on what camera you’re using and what you’re shooting. 

Here are the major Advantages of using a 3-point camera slinger:

  • Fast action – you just glide them around your body and lift up the camera
  • Stays out your way – if you tighten the strap, you can have the camera on your back
  • Your hands are free – which makes the 3-point slinger perfect for sports requiring your hands to be in use
  • The bottom attachment makes sense – when you grab your camera, you naturally rotate it up to your face
  • Comfortable for heavier loads – great for cameras with large telephoto lenses attached
  • Safety – you can wear it under a jacket, meaning your camera and lens are shielded from knocks and snatch-and-run thefts.

Looking at the article again, we know that you need to put on your camera for quite a while. So, think carefully about what you need even after going through this article. Purchase it and Enjoy doing what you love.

FAQs for 3-point slinger for camera

What are the benefits of using a 3-point slinger?

Here are the main benefits of using a 3-point camera slinger:
Fast action – you just slide them around your body and lift up the camera.
Stays out your way – if you tighten the strap, you can have the camera on your back.
Your hands are free – makes the 3-point slinger perfect for sports requiring your hands to be in use.

How do you use 3-point slingers?

You attach the 3-point slinger to your camera first (make sure everything is secure). Then adjust the strap to your desired hanging length. 

What is a 3 point slinger?

A 3-point slinger adds an extra underarm strap to keep the cushioned shoulder padding and cross-body strap in place for extra comfort and support. 

How does a camera harness work?

They attach to eyelets on either/both sides of your camera body. The strap goes around your neck or over a shoulder for carrying.

What is a slinger used for?

A sling is a projectile weapon typically used to throw a blunt projectile such as a stone, clay, or lead “sling-bullet”.