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Angelica Zachary Biography: Marlon Wayans’ Ex-Wife, Children

Angelica Zachary’s journey exceeds the astonishing captions of celebrity relationships, giving a plot that goes much deeper than what the papers portray. Born on February 26, 1972, in the soul of New York City, Angelica, an Afro-American, merges a story of love, partnership, and spirit that is uniquely hers.

She’s not only known as Marlon Wayans’ former partner; she’s an intricate individual in her own right. Angelica’s journey develops as an eye-catching narrative, a story of love, challenges, and the choices that have defined her life’s path.

Angelica and her ex-husband
Angelica and her ex-husband

From her humble beginnings to the complexities of her relationship with Marlon Wayans and her subsequent journey of self-discovery, we invite you to explore the life of Angelica Zachary.

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Profile Summary

Full NameAngelica Zachary
Date of BirthFebruary 26, 1972
Age51 years (as at 2023)
Place of BirthNew York City, United States
Relationship StatusDivorced
Former Partner Marlon Wayans
ChildrenAmai Zachary Wayans (born on May 24, 2000) and Shawn Howell Wayans (born on February 3, 2002)
Height5 feet 5 (165 cm)
Weight124lb (54 kg)
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
Angelica Zachary’s Profile Summary

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Who is Angelica Zachary?

Angelica Zachary
Angelica Zachary

Angelica Zachary’s life weaves an intricate tapestry of experiences and relationships that have indelibly shaped her journey. Born in the vibrant city of New York on February 26, 1972, Angelica’s deep roots in Afro-American heritage and American citizenship laid the foundation for her extraordinary life.

The narrative of Angelica Zachary takes an emotional turn when her path intertwines with Marlon Wayans, a multi-talented figure celebrated for his roles as a producer, comedian, and screenwriter. Their love story commenced in the early 1990s, marking the beginning of a romantic journey that would profoundly influence the course of their lives.

From their union, two remarkable lives emerged – Amai Zachary Wayans, born on May 24, 2000, and Shawn Howell Wayans, welcomed on February 3, 2002. These two beautiful souls became the heartbeats of their parents’ existence, embodying the profound love and connection shared by Angelica and Marlon.

While reports once suggested a marriage in 2005, Marlon Wayans clarified in an interview with Essence Magazine that their union was never legally formalized. Instead, he characterized their connection as a deep partnership and friendship. He found the dynamics of friendship to be more appealing than the constraints of traditional marriage.

However, in 2013, their profound relationship embarked on a different path, marking the end of a nearly two-decade journey and an eight-year alliance that had been referred to as a marriage.

This significant turning point was attributed to various accounts and speculations, with reports of Marlon Wayans being spotted in an intimate embrace with another woman aboard a yacht.

This event was a pivotal moment in Angelica Zachary’s life, leading her down a path of personal growth, self-discovery, and redefining her identity outside the shadow of her famous ex-husband.

Angelica Zachary’s story is a testament to the intricate complexities of love and life, a narrative that transcends the superficial to explore the depths of her own identity and aspirations.

Angelica Zachary’s Career

Speculations shroud Angelica’s potential career in acting with limited available details. Her professional pursuits remain concealed from the public eye. Some sources suggest that she may have embarked on her acting journey with a minor role as a pedestrian in the 1988 action-comedy parody film, “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.”

The enigma surrounding Angelica Zachary extends to her digital presence, as her absence from the realm of Instagram adds to the intrigue. The dearth of an Instagram page dedicated to her life makes it a challenging endeavour to unearth more about her personal and professional endeavours.

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Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans

Angelica and Marlon

Angelica Zachary, the celebrated American actress, was born on February 26, 1972, in the bustling heart of New York City, United States. Her roots trace back to Afro-American ethnicity, enriching her life’s narrative with a rich cultural tapestry.

Her journey in the limelight intertwined with the prominent American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer Marlon Wayans. Their paths first crossed in the early 1990s, and they embarked on a romantic journey that spanned several years, resulting in the creation of a beautiful family.

From this union, two precious lives were born – Amai Zachary Wayans, who entered the world on May 24, 2000, and Shawn Howell Wayans, born on February 3, 2002. Their presence illuminated the shared history of Angelica and Marlon with warmth and love.

Angelica and her ex-husband, Marlon

While reports suggested that they married in 2005, Marlon Wayans clarified in an interview with Essence Magazine that they were never legally married. Instead, he characterized their connection as a deep partnership and friendship.

In his own words, he found the dynamics of friendship to be more appealing than the formalities of marriage. The profound nature of their relationship took a different course in 2013.

This marked the end of a nearly two-decade-long journey and an eight-year alliance described as a marriage. Despite the challenges, the story of Angelica Zachary remains a testament to the complexities of love, family, and the nuanced definition of partnerships in the realm of celebrity life.

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans, a prominent figure in the American entertainment industry, boasts a diverse array of talents, transcending the boundaries of acting, comedy, screenwriting, and producing. His journey began on July 23, 1972, in the vibrant city of New York, United States, where his passion for the arts took root.

Marlon Wayans etched his name in the annals of comedy and entertainment, particularly for his dynamic partnership with his brother, Shawn Wayans. Together, they charmed audiences with their comedic prowess on The WB sitcom “The Wayans Bros.,” a memorable series that graced screens from 1995 to 1999.

Marlon Wayans
Marlon Wayans

The laughter continued with Marlon’s notable roles in comedy films that have become iconic, including “Don’t Be a Menace” (1996), “Scary Movie” (2000), “Scary Movie 2” (2001), “White Chicks” (2004), “Little Man” (2006), and “Dance Flick” (2009).

Marlon’s cinematic journey extended beyond comedy, as he showcased his acting versatility in a range of films. He made his presence felt in movies such as “Above the Rim” (1994), “The 6th Man” (1997), “Norbit” (2007), “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” (2009), “The Heat” (2013), and the captivating psychological drama “Requiem for a Dream” (2000).

The list of his contributions to cinema is far from exhaustive, as Marlon Wayans continued to grace the big screen with his talent, featuring in films like “A Haunted House” (2013) and its sequel “A Haunted House 2” (2014), “Naked” (2017), “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016), “s3xtuplets” (2019), and “On the Rocks” (2020).

Marlon Wayans’ multifaceted career is a testament to his enduring impact on the world of entertainment, blending humour and drama to create a lasting legacy in American cinema.

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Angelica Zachary and Marlon WayansKids

The Wayans Family

Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans share the joy of parenthood with two wonderful children, each leaving their own unique mark on the family’s journey. The birth of their first child, a daughter named Amai Zackery Wayans, brought boundless joy to their lives on May 24, 2000.

Amai’s presence added a new dimension to their family, making every day a celebration of love and parenthood. Two years later, on February 3, 2002, the Wayans family welcomed their second child, a son named Shawn Howell Wayans.

Angelica Zachary's Kids and their Father
Angelica Zachary’s Kids and their Father

Shawn’s arrival further enriched the tapestry of their familial bonds, infusing their lives with laughter, curiosity, and the promise of shared adventures. The Wayans family, with Amai and Shawn as the heart of their story, embarked on a journey filled with the joys and challenges of parenthood.

They nurtured their children and watched them grow into unique individuals. Amai and Shawn, born of the love between Angelica and Marlon, carry forward the legacy of their parents with the promise of a bright and promising future.

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Angelica Zachary’s Net worth

Angelica Zachary Net worth

As of 2020, Angelica Zachary’s estimated net worth is around $40 million USD. She lives a private life unlike Marlon, and currently doesn’t have a job, so there’s no information about her salary.

Quick Facts About Angelica Zachary

  • Angelica’s identity was unknown before she married Marlon, and even after their marriage, she has successfully managed to maintain her secrecy.
  • Information about her childhood, siblings, and parents is scarce to almost nonexistent.
  • She is married to Marlon Lamont Wayans. He is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and more.
  • Marlon often collaborates with his brother Shawn Wayans, who was notably involved in WB sitcoms.
  • The couple has both done well, and Marlon, as a dad figure, makes the children feel like friends.
  • Angelica is a Christian
  • She is not active on social media (Instagram and Facebook)
  • She does not own an official Twitter account

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Angelica Zachary’s life, though often overshadowed by her association with the renowned Marlon Wayans, is a narrative that deserves recognition in its own right. From her early beginnings in New York City to her role as a mother of two, Angelica has navigated the complexities of fame, love, and personal growth.

Her story is one of resilience, independence, and self-discovery. Angelica’s journey, marked by a relationship with Marlon Wayans that spanned two decades, evolved and eventually transitioned into a partnership and friendship that defied traditional norms.

Her life is a testament to the intricacies of human relationships, highlighting the importance of evolving and redefining one’s identity outside the confines of societal expectations. While the details of her career remain shrouded in mystery, Angelica’s journey continues to inspire those who seek to carve their own paths in the world.

Her story is a reminder that, beyond the headlines and the glamour of celebrity, there exists a deeply human experience filled with challenges, growth, and the pursuit of happiness.

As Angelica Zachary forges ahead in her unique journey, her legacy remains a source of fascination, offering a glimpse into a life that defies categorization, inviting us all to embrace the complexities of our own stories and celebrate the diverse paths that make us who we are.

FAQs for Angelica Zachary

Who is Marlon Wayans married to now?

As of 2023, Marlon Wayans is still unmarried due to the promise he made to his mother.

Who does Marlon Wayans have kids with?

Marlon Wayans shares two kids with his ex-partner Angelica Zachary.

How rich are the Wayans brothers?

Their combined net worth is estimated at more than $300 million.

Why did Marlon and Shawn Wayans name their kids after each other?

Shawn and Marlon Wayans are so close that they named their sons after each other. “We promised each other when we were little kids that if we had sons, we would name them after each other,” Wayans said. All of the Wayans brothers work together.