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Alex Ekubo is gay, Fancy is bisexual – Actor Samuel Jemitalo reveals shocking secrets

Nollywood actor, Samuel Jemitalo has made some shocking revelations about Alex Ekubo and his ex-fiancée, saying both are members of the LGBT community.

The filmmaker said Alex is gay while his ex-lover, Fancy Acholonu, is bis3xual; he said both parties had a mutual agreement in their relationship.

He further stated that their relationship was aimed at pulling the wool over the eyes of the public so that nobody would suspect them.

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However, things didn’t go as the lovebirds had planned, forcing Fancy to reveal dirty secrets about Alex on social media.

“The crux of the matter is, Alex Ekubo is #Gay, Fancy is a Bis3xual. They had a mutual agreement to get married and please public eye, but eventuality happened,” Samuel Jemitalo said on Instagram.

Samuel Jemitalo advised Alex Ekubo and Fancy to live their truth while declaring that he supports the LGBT community.

It is the truth

While reacting to the story, some netizens in the comments section said Samuel Jemitalo had spoken nothing but the truth. They also hailed him for his boldness in expressing what everyone else was afraid of saying.

Some others warned the actor to be wary of his comments as there could be legal implications for the allegations he raised.

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Alex is not gay; Fancy lied – Ifeoma claims

Meanwhile, Alex Ekubo’s sister, Ifeoma, revealed that her brother is not gay. During an interview on Obodo Oyibo TV, Ifeoma said the allegations Fancy leveled against Alex Ekubo were false.

She said Alex made love to his ex-fiancée, Fancy Acholonu, when they reconciled in January.

Ifeoma said she was disappointed in Fancy and didn’t know why she wanted to tarnish her brother’s image because their relationship hit the rock.

Who is Alex Ekubo best friend?

Alex Ekubo’s best friend is fellow Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna. A resurfaced video of the two friends has recently gone viral online. In the heartwarming clip, IK Ogbonna playfully carries Alex Ekubo on his back as they joke around together. The two talented actors embrace in a brotherly handshake before continuing their lighthearted antics for the amusement of the crowd around them. Their genuine friendship and energetic dynamic have sparked cheerful reactions from fans, who love seeing the real-life bond between the two celebrities. The fun video provides a candid glimpse into the close friendship between Alex Ekubo and IK Ogbonna.

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