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Can I be your boyfriend? – Man takes lady on a private plane to ask her out

In an extravagant and quite unusual display of affection, a man recently went to extraordinary lengths to profess his love for a woman and ask to be her boyfriend.

It appears that the man had developed deep feelings for the lady and desired to pursue a romantic relationship with her. In order to express his emotions, he planned a grand gesture that would leave a lasting impression.

The man arranged for a private plane ride in the United States, creating a unique and memorable setting to convey his intentions.

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If he wanted to…

During the intimate journey, he seized the moment and presented the lady with a card that bore a heartfelt inscription, “Can I be your boyfriend?”

Overwhelmed by the extraordinary experience, the lady took to Twitter to share her astonishment.

She emphasized that a man who genuinely loves someone will go to great lengths to demonstrate it.

Her tweet was accompanied by photos, capturing the enchanting moment they shared. Her caption beautifully summarized the sentiment, “If he wanted to, he would.”

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If your boyfriend doesn’t give you N300K monthly allowance, dump him – Joro

Meanwhile, relationship doctor, Joro Olumofin advised ladies to seek monetary benefits from their relationships.

He besieged them to put their happiness first telling them to dump their men if he can’t provide them with a 300,000 naira monthly allowance.

In a post on his Instagram page, the relationship adviser listed things a man must satisfy if he is to remain in a relationship with his woman.