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Easiest Ways To Double Productivity

Being productive in this time of ours is almost impossible for the faint-minded. With similar distractions such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc, how can you double productivity to ensure progress in the long run?


It is a constant struggle to stay focused in our world today. Have you seen the pop-ups of a lady in a bikini when you are browsing (haha)? Or those pop-ups of games that you would like? Or the one telling you you won’t last ten seconds playing this game, and advising you to lock your door before you start.

Instantly distraction.

And just in case you think otherwise, we are in this together. I’m also trying to stay focused while writing this with my friend playing Call of duty beside me (Mustapha!!!!)

What is productivity?

Productivity is also known as effective movement. There’s more, though. It is running in the right direction for the longest time.

Thus, this begs the question, how long can you stay performing a single task without getting distracted? I can also define productivity as making the most significant progress toward a goal in the shortest time. (Have I lost you)?

How much progress do you think you can make on that app you are designing in thirty minutes? Or do you think you need the whole day before you can decide?

Productivity is also essential when it pertains to the transformation of an idea into life. In the resounding words of David Allen, your brain is for having thoughts, not holding them. Ideas pop into our heads almost 24/7 and it can be a war to keep track of them with zero knowledge of productivity.

Before I tell you the secrets of how to double your productivity, I would like to give a real-life scenario of a method taken to double productivity.


The assembly-line method in productivity

Ever seen a crowd of people who are all confused about what to do? The best way to ensure optimal crowd control is to line them up in an assembly format.

Henry Ford popularized this model in the production of his cars. He placed workers in a line in an ascending manner of function. When he used this method, the productivity of workers tripled (Yes, tripled). A car produced in twelve hours (12 hours) was completed in Ninety-three minutes(93 minutes).

You probably do not see what I’m talking about. Look at this:

12hours = 720minutes
What is the percentage decrease from 720 minutes to 93 minutes?

i.e 720-93= 627minutes
Percentage decrease = 627/720 * 100 = 87%

Easiest Ways To Double Productivity - battabox.com

Sorry guys; I teach basic mathematics). Henry Ford saved 87% of the time on the production of cars. You can see how much this method works. I’ll tell you about the easiest ways to be productive.

Ways to double productivity

Arranging tasks in an assembly pattern

I’m sure we can remember our teachers asking us to line up in ascending order. From shortest to tallest. This was for orderliness and control. This can also apply to our daily lives. Arranging tasks in order of their importance can help double productivity.

Most of us have tasks scattered in our minds and we barely get around them all in the allotted time. It is increasingly possible to forget some less important tasks because of the larger relevance of others.

Arranging tasks either by penning or typing them in an ascending assembly manner is a good way to double productivity.


Task batching

This can be mistaken for an assembly-like arrangement. However, task batching is a process whereby tasks are organized into groups. These batches vary per person.

There are various contextual batches:

Energy use

This context helps to categorize tasks based on less demanding to more demanding. With this strategy, your energy is lost easily and steadily instead of you getting drained and not able to complete most tasks.


Grouping tasks in location is helpful. This helps you decipher the places you’ll need to be first and foremost, leading to a productive day.

Social Interaction

What task requires you to be outside and which doesn’t? It might be helpful to sort tasks from most to least.

Internet requirement

Do all your tasks require you to be online? If yes, then you’ll have to sort them in order of relative importance. If not, you can start with the tasks that don’t require the internet and work your way up.


Quit Multitasking


It is very easy to get caught up in the web of tasks to be done and you feel the only way to get through them is to multitask. That is not a viable strategy for productivity.

Multitasking doesn’t allow one to focus fully on one job; hence your solutions to tasks are subpar. For key productivity, it is essential to focus on one task after the other.

Set smaller objectives

Instead of looking at the bigger picture, create smaller ones for yourself. The enormity of some tasks can be scary when looked at. Breaking the larger goals into smaller attainable objectives will help to ensure better productivity.

Use applications to help keep track

Technology exists to make life easier and that includes helping you optimize better. Several mobile applications can help you keep track of what to do. You can have your very own “e-todo list”.

Mobile applications cover a lot of ways to double productivity.

  1. Setting tasks
  2. Arranging tasks by importance
  3. Setting reminders etc.

Run sprints

The idea of a sprint is to run a particular distance with intense focus and drive. Using this model in our daily lives can help with productivity.

It requires setting a time limit to complete a task and actively running through it, pushing us to our very limits. This idea helps to cancel multitasking and keep one on track (double entendre).

There is a formula you can use to guard yourself when running;

Distance = Velocity x Time

Distance is the measure of productive output or measurable fruits of our labor. The rate at which you move multiplied by the time allotted to each sprint is your distance.

Double productivity: Conclusion

The ways listed above to increase productivity are tested and trusted. If we can focus on the first 15% of an issue, it is almost solved. Remember, consistency depends on discipline, not motivation.

Many of us do our jobs while distracted and this only results in a reflection of a collection of poor efforts.

Be better.

Moibi Damilare
Moibi Damilare
Moibi Damilare has a traditional and classical outlook on life. He is often criticised for being critical and one-sided on trending issues which is opposite for such a happy, disciplined and lovely soul.