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Hilda Baci gets featured in exam question by Akwapoly lecturer

Following her feat, celebrity chef and recent World Record holder, Hilda Essien Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, was featured in a test question for Mass Communication students at Akwa Ibom Polytechnic in Ikot, Osurua.

The star chef hails from Akwa Ibom state, was the subject of the second question in an exam for HND 1 students taking Communication Theories in the first semester of the 2022/2023 academic session.

The exam question required students to use Hilda’s recent World Record-breaking cook-a-thon as an example to justify a theory put forward by Canadian-American physicist Albert Bandura.

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The theory in question is the social learning theory, and the question was phrased as follows:

“Using the social media trending issue of Hilda Baci’s ‘Cook-a-thon, justify the social learning theory of Albert Bandura.”

It is clear that her recent achievement has garnered significant attention, and her impact has extended beyond just the culinary world. She has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring academic discussions and shaping the discourse around theories related to social learning.

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Nigerian lady set to break Hilda Baci’s cooking record, vows to cook for 20 days using firewood

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has been trending online for declaring to break another cooking record.

Owing to Hilda’s great achievement at breaking a world record, a lot of netizens have taken to social media to issue challenges to break records for themselves as well.

A certain video by social media user @cyndy_pek has caused a lot of reactions with netizens immediately talking.