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How To Get A Nigerian Visa

It is no secret that many people hope to get visas outside of their homeland. The average person goes through the process of trying to acquire a visa, be it a Nigerian visa or an American visa, at least once in their lives.

We believe there are many good aspects of having a Nigerian Visa. So, this is for the immigrants and tourists who want to visit the dramatic and chaotic place known as Nigeria.

What is a Nigerian Visa?

You know how you need to be blameless and without sin to enter the kingdom of God? That’s what a visa is to a foreigner.

A visa is your ticket into a country as an immigrant.

A Nigerian visa is an official travel document issued by the government to foreign nationals. This official document allows them to travel to Nigeria for business, tourism, or work. It is something that allows access into the country.

And just like passports, visas also have expiration dates.

Why do we possibly need visas? Without visas, you would not be able to explore a country. To acquire a Nigerian Visa, one might have to wait for 2-6 days.

Types of Nigerian visas

First of all, there are four types of Nigerian Visas issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service.

These include:

Visitor, tourists, and transits visas

These apply to the people visiting or touring Nigeria. It is the most popular type of visa If you’re looking to visit Nigeria, ensure to get an invitation letter accepting the immigration responsibility.

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Business, education, and religious visas 

If you are applying for a business, education, or religious visa, you require letters of invitation from either companies or business organizations.

For religious purposes, you must submit approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the case of an educational visit, you need a letter of invitation from the host university or school stating the purpose of your visit.

Temporary work permit

This is a document that permits you to work in Nigeria for only a period. This visa does not exceed two years. 

Subject to Regularization 

This visa is issued to foreigners invited to Nigeria on business or employment offers. It is only valid for 90 days but can be renewed.

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Documents needed to apply for a Nigerian visa

Yes, let us warn you that, to visit Nigeria, you will require several things. Do not think that anything is out of the question. They can even ask for your blood group documents, so gather everything.

The official documents needed are:

  • A current passport
  • A completed online or manual visa application form 
  • Confirmation of online payment receipt (Very important!) no money, no travel!
  • Confirmation of online acknowledgment slip
  • passport photographs 
  • Letter of invitation from Host accepting full immigration responsibility 
  • Confirmed hotel reservation, if the applicant is not staying with Host
  • Valid return airline ticket.
  • Letter of introduction from applicant’s company or organization ( for work travel)
  • Cover letter from the U.S company sending the employee ( for a work permit)
  • Holders of non–U.S passports must provide proof of legal residency (photocopy of the Green Card).

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For a subject of regularization visa, you would also need the following;

  • Copies of employment offer letters
  • Copies of acceptance of employment letters
  • Copies of Nigerian Immigration’s approval quota
  • Copies of the resume, degrees, and certificates earned
  • Copies certificate of incorporation of the Nigerian company.
  • Copies of the company memorandum & article association
  • 4 Copies of the business permit issued by the Ministry of Interior (for companies that have foreign shareholders)
  • 1 Copy of current monthly quota utilization returns as endorsed by the Immigration Service.
  • 4 copies of a formal letter requesting for STR visa from the company in  Nigeria.

For persons under the age of 18, you will need photocopies of parents’ passports, valid ID, proof of payment, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and a notarized letter of consent jointly signed by both parents.

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Process of getting your Nigerian visa

First and foremost, please visit the home page of the Nigeria Immigration Portal. The application form is right there to start the process.

Start out by filling out the application form and ensure that your information is correct before you submit it. You will be directed to the payment section after providing details.

Frankly, this is the most important step!

Nigerians speak the language of money. If you have none, we’re not talking.

How To Get A Nigerian Visa - battabox.com

After filling out the form, you will be redirected to an approved payment platform to complete your application and make your payment. Under no circumstances will they allow you to pay for your Visa with Cash. They will provide an account for you to transfer your funds.

You have the opportunity to choose between payment in naira or dollars. The budget for processing should be between $50 to $130.

Most importantly, they will provide an interview date, and DO NOT miss it. You can reschedule it if it doesn’t work for you by sending your Application id, Reference no, and the proposed date to the support mail address nis-support@newworkssolution.com

After the interview, the consular officer will let you know if your visa has been approved or not. Most times, it could be via message/email notification.

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Okay, that’s it!

You have all of the information to start your process of getting a Nigerian Visa.

Please do not forget to get all the documents you would need. Even the items that you don’t think you will need. Nigerian authorities can demand the weirdest of things.

We’re very unique people! Be prepared.

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